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DigiTel Resident Card

 The DigiTel Residents Club is a personalized web and mobile communication platform that provides residents with individually tailored, location-specific information and services. The platform facilitates a direct, open channel of communication between the city and its residents, from alerting residents about neighborhood roadwork and directing them to the nearest bicycle-sharing station, to sending targeted reminders for school registration or events and offering discounts to the many cultural events taking place in the city.

MiniDigi Card

 MiniDigi is an innovative governance model aimed at improving quality of life for parents and babies. It uses a digital platform to build community, provide relevant services and information tailored specifically to their needs, and integrate babies into everyday life in Tel Aviv, a nonstop city. This resident card gives unique access, free of charge, to a one-stop shop of services and benefits for young families: from coaching for parents and fun events at all hours, to online scheduling of vaccine appointments, tailor-made discounts and benefits and, above all, a community for young families.


 Tel Aviv has one of the highest ratios of dogs to humans in the world (1:17), with about 25,000 living in homes throughout the city. To cater to its four-legged residents, the municipality created DigiDog, a unique resident card for dogs connected to the DigiTel resident card. The DigiDog card, which is free for city residents, enables them to receive information about their dogs: reminders of upcoming vaccination dates at the municipal veterinarian, information about new and nearby dog parks, municipal dog events, discounts at dog-related businesses throughout the city and more.

Cityhall on Wheels

 Cityhall on Wheels, or “Sherutel” in Hebrew, is a service truck that brings municipal services directly to residents. Some of the city’s residents find it difficult to use the internet or physically come to City Hall in order to process payments, receive services or ask questions, whether due to a physical disability, age, location, lack of access to transportation and more—so we decided to bring City Hall to them! We took a small truck, added municipal workers and laptops, and brought our main services, including water, city taxes, car permits and more, directly to their neighborhoods. This simple initiative requires few resources, yet makes a huge impact on residents’ lives and reduces inequality by making sure that all residents, regardless of age or ability, receive the services they need. Cityhall on Wheels was awarded first place at the Innovative Idea for a City 2018 in Dublin by the Harvard Innovation Program.

Tel & Take

 How many times have you bought a tool or appliance only to find yourself never using it again and having it take up space in your home? Meet Israel’s inaugural “library of things.” Established in July 2016 with a NIS 45,000 grant, residents can now borrow items such as drills, picnic tables, camping equipment or pet carriers for a contribution of NIS 10 (less than $3). The list of items was compiled in collaboration with the residents of Florentin, the trendy neighborhood that is home to the Tel & Take pilot. This library of things aims to make life more affordable and community-centered, particularly for young people, by providing access to items that are expensive, are used infrequently and take up significant space. Due to the success of the Florentine pilot project, this innovative sharing-economy program is now being replicated in 70 neighborhoods across the city.

We've Got Space – Rent a Venue

Need a space for a birthday party? With “We've Got Space – Access to Event Spaces,” residents can find and rent dozens of classrooms, rooms, halls, lots and other spaces in a variety of urban locations for any activity they wish to hold, whether it's a birthday party, a community meeting, an evening of singing, a class meeting, a garden party, a gathering of a community association, sports and culture activities, rehearsals, an exhibition, a study and support group, a lecture, a conference and more.

Residents don’t even have to go to City Hall to reserve a space—it’s all online, from choosing the space and booking it to picking out accessories (e.g., chairs, tables, a projector, etc.), and offered to Tel Aviv-Yafo residents at a reduced price.


Urban Mobile Applications

The Municipality of Tel Aviv-Yafo operates three urban mobile applications, which can be downloaded for free and accessed from any smartphone:

• An information and municipal services app that lets residents keep track of everything that’s going on in the city: culture, art and leisure, open parking lots, bicycle paths, Tel-O-Fun bicycles that are available, a directory of restaurants and cafes, movies, gardens and parks.
• An app that aggregates reports on hazards and allows residents to locate vehicles that have been towed and check their status.
• The DigiTel app, which enables residents to rent beach accessories—umbrellas, beach chairs and sun loungers—at reduced prices. In the future, the application will serve as the digital version of the DigiTel Club card and will provide residents with personalized and location-based event updates and benefits.

Free Wi-Fi in the city

 We want you to be able to access our online services no matter where you are, even in the middle of the street! That’s why we set up a free Wi-Fi network available in 80 different spots around the city. The network is accessible in open spaces, public buildings and even shelters. Each access point provides bandwidth of at least 20 megabytes. A dedicated technical support center operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer questions and address issues.

The City Hall Playground

 Once a week Tel Aviv children flock to City Hall as it turns into a giant playground! On Thursdays between 16:00 and 19:00, a huge playground for children ages 3 to 6 is set up in the lobby of City Hall, with huge games, puzzles, face painting, story time and more—and it’s completely free!
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