Children, Youth And Family


Tel Aviv-Yafo is a family-friendly city. Raising children is a joyful yet complex experience and can be very challenging in the modern, urban setting. With that in mind, the Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality has developed a variety of services and assistance programs for parents and children. Such programs, in partnership with the city’s health and education services are available to children, youth and family. It is the city’s priority to offer support for troubled youth while assisting parents with the challenges of raising a family. 


Click here for information on children’s’ rights (in Hebrew)
Click here for more information on services for youth and families (in Hebrew)


Solutions and Programs for Children, Youth and Family
 Tel Aviv-Yafo offers a variety of community- based programs that enable the healthy development and recovery of troubled youth, without removing them from their home environment, by providing support and assistance to the family. In extreme situations when the child’s safety, or that of the surrounding community, is in question, the program will consider possible integration outside of the home.

Homes and centers offer alternative programs that are tailored to the specific needs of the child. These programs, which include multifunctional homes and centers, operate in collaboration with municipal departments and social organizations. Day Care Centers in the city (in Hebrew).

Crisis Intervention
Social workers are working around the clock, 365 days a year, to prevent situations of physical, sexual, and emotional abuse of children and youth. Emergency assistance and shelters are available for youth in need of immediate protection.

Special Services For Girls And Women

The different Welfare Departments employs an array of professional and experienced social workers who specialize in the treatment of girls and women (aged 13-25) with emphasis on cultural and gender sensitivity. The social workers provide victims of sexual trauma (due to incest, rape, sexual assault and sexual harassment) with multisystemic, dedicated treatment. 

Clubs, homes and other social-rehabilitative frameworks operate in the community throughout every day of the week. 

When and if the need arises, girls at risk are taken out of their homes and put in protective facilities or boarding schools, and receive guidance and support throughout their stay at these facilities. Click here for more information (in Hebrew).

Center For Improvement Of Relations Between LGBT Youth & Their Families


The Center for Improvement of Relations Between LGBT Youth and their families was established with the aim of providing a cohesive, systematic and supportive response to the youth and their parents. At the center, therapists who specialize in the subject of sexual identity and sexual tendencies as well as in treating youth, are available to youth and their parents to address the difficulties and challenges and help families create an open dialogue to improve relationships.

The center is operated by the Noar (youth in Hebrew) non-profit organization in collaboration with the Social Services Administration and the Education and Sports Administration in the Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality and is supported by the National Insurance Fund for Special Facilities.

The center provides individual, family and group therapy/treatment. Confidentiality is guaranteed!

For information, please contact the center.
Telephone: 0775456004

The WIZO Consultation Line For Parents To Young Children

Parents, are you struggling and deliberating in issues of children-rearing and child education at a young age? The WIZO non-profit organization operates a telephone consultation line that provides free advice to parents to young children by volunteering professionals.

The hotline operates on Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday from 10:00am-1:00pm. On Sunday and Tuesday, the hotline operates from 8:00pm-10:30pm. Click here for more information.

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