Olim Resident Department

The Department for Immigration Absorption of the Tel Aviv Yafo Municipality is devoted to helping each new resident - each oleh or olah - build his or her home and future in Tel Aviv Yafo. 


Specifically, we seek to help you:

  • Prepare for your Aliya
  • Access the city's diverse professional networks and build a fulfilling career path
  • Participate in an appropriate ulpan suited to your level and lifestyle
  • Integrate into the city's cultural and community eco-systems
  • Receive and manage relevant municipal information, and more.

We offer our services in English, French and Russian.

Contact us via email: olim@tel-aviv.gov.il

Contact us

If you have any questions about Tel Aviv, or any of the above, please feel free to write:


Director for the Department of Immigration Absorption
Amir Dor dor_a@mail.tel-aviv.gov.il


Director of Projects for English Speaking Olim:

Jill Reinach reinach_j@mail.tel-aviv.gov.il


Director of Projects for French Speaking Olim
Nicole Koskas koskas_n@mail.tel-aviv.gov.il

Stephan Goldin goldin_s@mail.tel-aviv.gov.il
Celine Benhamou Benhamou_c@mail.tel-aviv.gov.il


Director of Projects for Russian Speaking Olim
Lana Eisenstadt eisenstadt_l@mail.tel-aviv.gov.il


Mazeh 9 Young Olim Coordinator: 
Yvonne Kapon kapon_y@mail.tel-aviv.gov.il

Where we are located

Our Offices are on Balfour 14 (the old Strauss Building) in the center of Tel Aviv. In addition, we regularly host office hours in ulpanim and other city structures in the city.
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