We, in the Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality, believe that everything begins with education. To us, ‘Education comes first’ is not just an expression, but a standard to which we hold ourselves to as we continuously develop Tel Aviv-Yafo’s high quality, egalitarian education system. The Tel Aviv-Yafo educational system focuses on providing every student equal opportunities, pluralism and the sense of community cohesion. 

Here you can find all the information you require about new educational approaches, the city’s educational programs and projects and numerous educational facilities which allow the city’s kindergarteners, children and young adults to learn, evolve and thrive.

You are welcome to call the Education Service Center -- a one-stop-shop for any/all questions throughout the year. Sun-Thurs, 8am-3pm
Please call ahead to make an appointment at 03-7244700 or write

Providing Education To The Future Generations

The city of Tel Aviv-Yafo provides progressive educational services to all of Israel’s sectors: Arabs, Jews, secular, religious, children, migrant workers and new immigrants alike.


Extensive investments are directed toward reinforcement and enrichment of the students’ experience. Tel Aviv-Yafo’s educational system aims to foster excellence, increase students’ exposure to culture and art, provide a range of solutions for populations with special needs, integrate students into higher education systems and into the labor market, upgrade schools’ infrastructure and advance educational institutions.


At every level of education, the municipality offers supplementary programs in basic skills – including the Hebrew language, mathematics, English and science. The programs aim to foster excellence at all age levels and motivate students to realize their full potential. Additional educational programs deal with preventing dangerous behaviors, fostering optimal environmental conditions, developing leadership skills, and empowering the student body.


All personnel and members of the Tel Aviv-Yafo educational system act out of personal and ideological commitment to the quality of the educational system and its products and the welfare, learning and growth of its students and alumni. Their professional and devoted work is evident in the students’ everyday lives and directly impacts and influences their studies, enrichment and education.

Support for Olim/English in Schools

Support for Olim Children is done in coordination with the Misrad Ha Hinuch (Ministry of Education) and the Family's Sal Ha Klita (Absorption Basket). Each parent should approach the principal at the beginning of the year, to apply for eligibility and receive support. If there is a discrepancy or a question, our Olim Department can also help: (English) (French) (Spanish) (Russian)

In most schools, English is taught from first grade. For English speaking children, in some schools, if there are enough children, there is an option for a special English class. At the moment, English/Hebrew bilingual school option doesn't exist in Tel Aviv.

Q: Is it possible to pay extra to arrange for English classes for native speakers?
A: If needed, there are a few thoughts. You could approach the Parents Committee of your class/school. An idea could be raised that if there is a "Talan" – added educational program – in your particular school, one could and ask if English could be the "Talan" option. In addition, in some schools, if there are enough 'native English speakers' it could be proposed to have a special English class for them and others with a high English level.

Q: Which schools have the most English speakers?
A: This number varies from year to year, depending on where most English-speaking families choose to live. It used to be Center North, and recently there is a trend to move more Center and South. We would again recommend your asking on the "Tel Aviv Parents' Support Group" J

Q: Which schools provide the best support for native English speakers?
A: All our schools strive to achieve this goal. J

Q: How can I ensure that my child will be in a special program for native English speakers?
A: When you enter your school, it is suggested that you share this information with your child's teacher.

Meeting Olim Families

The best way connect with other Olim in the school system is either to go on the "Tel Aviv Parents Support Group" facebook page, which constitutes a wonderful community of other Olim families. In addition, you may contact the Olim Dept, and they could assist

Mechunanim – Gifted Program

In the primary schools, a test is given in 2nd grade for eligibility for another test to enter a "Gifted" Program. The program would enable your child to either study one day or a full week outside of the school framework.
The test is given again in 7th grade. For those children who make it to the second test, there is an opportunity to appeal to take the test again in a later year according to certain criterion.


Q: How do I find out more about the academic approach/philosophy/pedagogy of a school?
A: You are welcome to contact the school offices or websites… that you are interested in.

Q: How come certain schools have special approaches such as Project Based Learning while others do not?
A: While some schools emphasize PBL, all schools try to incorporate innovative educational methods.

Q: What is the approach to homework and why?
A: Approach to homework is determined primarily by the Misrad Ha Hinuch, as well as the philosophy of the school principal and carried out/adapted by each teacher according to the educational needs of his/her class.
Q: What are the educational priorities and strategies to improve the schools/system for this new term in the Municipality?
A: Under the leadership of Shirley Rimon, the Education Department of the City of Tel Aviv-Yafo encourages each school to be innovative as well as pursue education excellence, values, equal opportunities and to be 'disruptive'. Ongoing meetings during the school year and summer are held to support each school visions to carry out these overriding principles. Every school principal carries out this vision in accordance with his/her vision as well.
Q: What is the same from school to school and what is different?
A: While the Education Department has an overriding vision, each school's principal and team of teachers, carries out the vision according to its leadership and philosophy.

Q: Why are schools not treated evenly in terms of resources, equipment, funding, etc?
A: Budgets are allocated according to the guidelines of the Misrad ha Hinuch, in line with the needs of each school and the socio-economic make-up of the population of the area of each school

Q: Is it possible to get a list of all the schools in Tel Aviv-Yafo with vital stats such as: summary of school philosophy, years active, average class size, distinguishing features, etc
A: Most – albeit not all - of this information is located on the Website of each school.

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Facebook Groups for Questions and Information

Your Questions Will Be Answered in English:

Kindergarten Facebook Group- Click here

Primary School Facebook Group- Click here

High School Facebook group- Click here

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