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Online Learning - Smart Classrooms

 We’re harnessing technology to provide a groundbreaking learning experience! As part of the municipal information and communications technology program, all elementary schools in the city have now implemented advanced technological infrastructure and developed innovative teaching and learning methods designed for the contemporary era and the world we live in. The schools work with the Online Learning Program, an urban education portal that gives each school personalized access based on its particular needs.

Online and Networked Libraries

 Residents of Tel Aviv-Yafo can register for free to access the municipal libraries throughout the city and enjoy an online library catalog that is constantly updated, where they can check the availability of books, place holds, extend their loans and browse huge online databases including daily newspapers, games, articles, educational databases, legal databases, journals, dictionaries and encyclopedias. The libraries also offer member services such as counseling, access to various archives and books in foreign languages, help with homework, story time, various cultural activities such as courses, workshops and exhibitions, and an audio and video area. In addition, all the libraries throughout the city offer free Wi-Fi access.

Online Registration for Schools and Kindergartens

 No need to leave home! The Tel Aviv-Yafo municipality offers online registration for kindergartens and elementary schools. Parents can use the system to register for most elementary schools and kindergartens in the city, pay fees and see school calendars and schedules, as well as sign up for school transportation and extracurricular activities—all via email and text message contact with representatives of the Education Administration, without leaving home. The city system is also linked to the databases of the Ministry of Interior.

Education for the Children of Migrant Workers

 Equality in education isn’t just a slogan; the municipality of Tel Aviv-Yafo believes that everyone should have access to equal and good education, no matter where they came from. During registration periods for the various educational institutions, the municipality sets up call centers in a variety of languages to serve the migrant workers living in the city. Representatives visit areas in which migrant workers are concentrated, set up registration and information centers, and use interpreters to assist migrant workers in enrolling their children in the city's educational institutions.

Support for Students

Students are always looking for a quiet place to hunker down before exams. The Municipality of Tel Aviv has arranged a number of pleasant and comfortable areas at spaces throughout the city (libraries, community centers, etc.) that students can set up shop in, free of charge, and study on their own or with a group. Study spaces offer hot drinks, air conditioning and wireless internet access, and are open daily from 9:00 to 22:00. During exam periods, the number of study spaces is increased.

In addition, the municipality offers students various scholarships for student housing and studies, pre-academic counseling and guidance, courses for completing matriculation exams, pre-academic preparatory courses, subsidized psychometric courses and special academic programs. All services are provided free of charge.

Resident Involvement in Shaping Education

Want to influence the education of tomorrow? The Tel Aviv-Yafo municipality believes in equal and advanced education and in getting residents involved. To that end, it established brainstorming and development teams that run during the school year and tackle current and future educational challenges. These teams' insights and conclusions form the basis for the municipal education system's work plan for the coming school year. Team members are selected from volunteers who sign up on the municipality's website and represent a variety of populations, including students, parents, educational professionals, managers and other staff.

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