Social Services

The Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality provides a variety of social services to assist all sectors of the community, including: senior citizens, new immigrants, bereaved families, migrant workers, single-parent families, children at risk and more. The city operates 9 Social Services Departments that work to improve life quality for all residents of the city. 

The Social Services Departments operate according to regional distribution. Looking for the nearest department to your residence? See the Welfare Department page (in Hebrew) for further information.

Senior Citizens


The Tel Aviv -Yafo municipality works to improve life quality for the city’s senior citizens through constant innovation and development and through its consulting services. These services address issues that arise from the natural process of aging, life crises, declines in income, illnesses and family relationships.


More information about senior citizens rights (Hebrew)


People With Disabilities




The Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality operates via its Social Services Administration to promote the rehabilitation processes of people with disabilities, to improve their quality of life and their self-esteem and improving their functioning in all areas of life: personal, family, occupational and social. The Ministry of Welfare and Social Services.


Main Services provided:

  • Psychosocial treatment for individuals and families.
  • Support services such as mentors, therapists and driving services.
  • Information services regarding relevant rights, services, organizations and facilities.
  • Daycare facilities- rehabilitative day care center for infants aged 0-3, full school days as part of the city’s Special Education.
  • Employment services- referral to professional diagnosis and rehabilitation and vocational placement services.
  • Housing services- referral to guidance and support programs for individuals with disabilities who live on their own in the community; referral to placement in protected housing within the community.
  • Leisure - integrating people with disabilities in social leisure clubs, community centers, summer camps and vacations.
  • Establishment of community services in collaboration with the Wealth Ministry, the Social Services and other organizations.
  • Accessibility- making the city accessible with the help of the Authority for People with Disabilities and in collaboration with the different city departments.


For more information on people with disabilities, read here (in Hebrew)​.

Addictions & Domestic Violence


The Tel Aviv-Yafo municipality operates via the Municipal Branch for the Treatment and Fight Against Drugs in three key area: prevention and advocacy, treatment and rehabilitation and assistance through law enforcement. 

The prevention program focuses primarily on youth at risk and schools whose educational level is low (working youth and youth who do not study or work).

The city’s five rehabilitations treat adult addicts, from the stage of initial detection and diagnosis to the final stage of occupational and employment rehabilitation. The Israel Police, in cooperation with the municipal branch, operates two special law enforcement units that specialize in the prevention of juvenile delinquency.


Selective Prevention
With the close aid of the Division for the Promotion of Youth, prevention programs for youth at risk are operated across the city. The programs include: production of videos about drug abuse, sports groups as occupational therapy, music groups, animal treatment groups and more. Additionally, there is an active parents group for parents of adolescents.


Rehabilitation, Treatment & Occupational Rehabilitation
The five municipal treatment centers are located in the Tikvah neighborhood, Jaffa, Neve Eliezer, the city’s center and the city north-west area. 

The centers work to locate the addicts, adapt them to personalized treatment, refer them to physical rehabilitation and provide them with psychosocial therapy and occupational rehabilitation. Every year, the centers treat approximately 400 drug addicts. 

Additionally, there are two municipal day centers, in which the patients acquire work and discipline habits in preparation for their return to normal daily life and routine. An occupational coordinator helps recovered patients find appropriate employment and/or integrate in professional courses. The duration of the stay in the centers is six months for each patient.


The Units for Prevention of Juvenile Delinquency
The Israel Police operates volunteer groups who man the Units for Prevention of Juvenile Delinquency. The groups operate all across the area and deal in locating and detecting drug-abusing youth, alcohol selling to minors, acts of violence, bullying and driving under the influence. There are approximately 840 volunteers who work for the units.


The N.A. Organization
The Narcotics Anonymous Organization operates municipal shelters across the city. The organization consists of 30 groups that get together every evening in order to partake in supportive activities among addicts and their families.


The Al-Sam Non-Profit Organization Branch in Tel Aviv treats adolescents who abuse drugs and are referred by the police, their parents or school counselors. Every year, Al-Sam treats approximately 250 of the city’s adolescents. For more details, please contact the organization at: 03-5462076


Treatment of Alcohol Abusers
The Municipal Authority for Addictions operates a unit for the treatment of alcohol abusers at 45 Shderot Yerushalayim Street, Tel Aviv-Yafo. ​

Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence is a widespread social phenomenon that can include violence between current romantic partners, former partners, parents and children, siblings, and senior citizens. Domestic violence may have long-term consequences and serves as a risk factor for entering or remaining in violent relationships. Domestic violence can assume many forms including physical, verbal, emotional, economic, religious, and sexual abuse. 

The Or-Nur Center for Secure Family Relationships was established in 2020 by the Ministry of Welfare and the Municipality of Tel Aviv-Yafo. This Center offers the residents of Tel Aviv-Yafo risk assessments and therapeutic services for the prevention and treatment of Domestic Violence. The service is for women, men, and children who have been exposed to Domestic Violence and are coping with the subsequent psychological effects.

The Or-Nur Center offers individual therapy and/or group therapy sessions by Social Workers who specialize in this field. The intervention lasts for a period of 1-2 years, based on individual needs. The services are offered in the following languages: Hebrew, Arabic, English, Amharic, Spanish, and Tigrinya.

For more information, please contact us:

Phone: 03-7246565 on weekdays (Sunday to Thursday), between 8:00-15:00. One can also leave a message after working hours.


Fax: 03-7240024


In case of an emergency, you can contact:

Police: Dial 100

The Municipal Hotline: Dial 106

I-Risk: an anonymous questionnaire in multiple languages devised by the Ministry of Welfare to help individuals examine the current level of risk they are in. After completion, the questionnaire recommends suitable courses of action.


Assistance To Women Involved In Prostitution

Women involved in prostitution are at a high risk for exposure to degradation, abuse, and disease. Tel Aviv -Yafo sees these women as a high-priority target population for support and treatment.

The Saleet Program is a unique municipal program established in the city as part of a national project to provide treatment for women trapped in the prostitution circuit.


Saleet or- Hooded for Women- provides a variety of care services, assistance and rehabilitation for women: from emergency aid for those in dire situations to rehabilitation centers for women seeking help in exiting the prostitution circuit.


The program was initiated by the municipality of Tel Aviv - Yafo and the Keshet Organization, and is maintained by the government through a number of ministries, including the Office of the Prime Minister - Authority for the Advancement of Women, Ministry of Social Affairs (Hebrew), Ministry of Health and Ministry of Education (Hebrew).

Mourning And Bereavement: Road Accidents

The loss of a loved one leaves families with tremendous despair and agony and might impact their lives on all levels: professional, personal and social.

The aid center for bereaved families who lost their loved ones to road accidents aid offers consultation and therapy provided by social workers who specialize in the subjects of bereavement and trauma. The center provides guidance and emotional and mental support to the entire family of the deceased. The service supplied is free of charge.


The service is provided to families who have lost a first-degree family relative in a road accident in Israel or abroad and who live in Israel’s central region: From Gadera in the south to Hadera in the north and Ariel in the east.


How can the center help you?

  • Coping with the grief and bereavement process
  • Coping with trauma
  • Coping with loneliness
  • Preserving the character of the deceased in later life
  • Assistance in dealing with: tensions in the family, treating children and other family members, and other personal distresses that arise in the wake of the loss

How to contact the center:

  • Through the contact details below
  • Through social workers in the Welfare Services
  • Through educational consultants
  • Through Health Maintenance Organizations (Kupot Holim)

Address: 110 Shderot Yerushalayim Street, Tel Aviv-Yafo
Telephone: 03-7249558

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