Setting Up An Office In Tel Aviv

Choosing An Office Space

One way to find an office is to retain the services of a real estate agent who will help you find an office that meets your needs. There are many agents available, so you may want to get a few quotes and ask around for recommendations. Prices are negotiable but standard commissions usually stand at 2% + VAT for office sales and the equivalent of a month’s rent + VAT for a rental
office. Different real estate agencies may have access to different properties in certain areas, depending on various exclusivity agreements with the property owners.

Real estate agents in Israel are licensed and you may ask to see your agent’s license as proof of credibility. Please note that as is customary elsewhere, customers should commit to the first agent who introduced a particular office. When renting an office, note that there may be additional costs and fees depending on what is or is not included within the specific contract, such as maintenance fees and parking.
Another option is to rent a space in one of the many co-working spaces in the city. Co-working spaces have several benefits: they are usually based on an all-inclusive plug-and-play model, eliminating the need for additional payments, utilities and bureaucracy. These spaces are fully equipped and furnished and offer immediate occupancy.

A History of High-Tech Real Estate in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv’s high-tech scene emerged in the 1980s in one of the city’s northern neighborhoods, Ramat HaHayal. In those years, the relatively young local high-tech industry focused on hardware, requiring large space offices. The industry later shifted focus to Internet programming and UX design, so companies needed less space and the high-tech industry moved to the city center. Many small Internet-based startups were founded, which offered young employees workplaces close to home and convenient transportation on foot or by bike, making car ownership less of a necessity. And so, Rothschild Boulevard became the heart of Tel Aviv’s startup ecosystem, with local startups
next to residential buildings and the R&D centers of giant multinationals like Facebook, Autodesk and PayPal.

In the past few years Tel Aviv has seen an unprecedented boom in the construction of luxury office towers on the Ayalon, Begin and Southeast roads, close to major transportation routes, as a result of the influx of international companies moving into the local high-tech market. These areas will serve as the epicenter of the innovation industry in the near future.

Atidim Park- Your Next Office in Tel Aviv

Atidim Park is located in northeast Tel Aviv, next to Ramat HaHayal. The park covers an area of about 20 acres and includes 11 buildings with a built-up area of about 250,000 square meters, designated for rent to leading high-tech, media and medical firms. Businesses in the area include Ness Technologies, TSG IT Advanced Systems, Citigroup, F5, Informatica, the Renault-Nissan Mitsubishi Autonomous Vehicle Innovation Lab and many more. The park includes meeting rooms, gyms, restaurants, coffee shops, a post office, an ATM, a hairdresser, a kindergarten, a dental clinic and more.

Tel: +972- 3-7690800

Cityzone- Sandbox and Living Lab For Urban Tech

CityZone is Tel Aviv’s smart city and urban tech living lab, a collaboration between the Municipality, Tel Aviv University and Atidim Park, hosting startups, multinationals and policymakers, innovating in real-time, under real-city conditions. CityZone also partners with large corporates, who wish to get a peek into Israeli innovation in the smart city space.

The lab includes a real-life testing site, as well as an innovation program for early stage startups, enjoying access to data as well as mentorship from the Municipality, lead researchers and private sector experts. CityZone is situated at Atidim Park.

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