Film in Tel Aviv

Filming In Tel Aviv

The backdrop of Tel Aviv and Jaffa can provide a great location for filming and photography shoots. The city enjoys a diversity of landscapes: old neighborhoods from the 40's alongside new buildings and modern construction, pastoral parks, public squares, Neve Tzedek, the alleys of Old Jaffa, Sarona compound, Yarkon Beach, estuary space, many kilometers of white sand beaches, public gardens and much more.


Every day sites around town are used as scenery for films, television shows, and advertisements. Each public space used throughout the city, or in municipal buildings, must have a permit.

Who Must Obtain A Permit?

  • Filming for a private company, an advertisement, a film, a television show, a video clip.
  • Filming of student films with a staff of more than five students.
  • Filming involving public property, or the usage of municipal sites.
  • Usage of municipal services (connection to the water or electric system requires payment in advance).

How To Get A Permit?

In order to obtain a permit to film around the city, the following documents must be submitted:

All documents must be delivered by email or fax only (contact information below). To allow handling on time, the application must be submitted two weeks before the desired shooting date.


Request for filming approval is being considered by the municipal officials according to the content of the script, filming hours and the municipal laws and regulations. Click here to view in Hebrew.

Once approved by the city, a filming permit will be granted by email or fax (picking up the permit from the city halls is also possible). The permit is normally sent within a week after filing a request. A special permit will be sent between two to three weeks after the request has been filed.

How To Make The Request?

In certain sites around the city, an addition permit must be given by the appointed administration. In cases involving the below sites, the permit mentioned above will only be validated once approved by the following administrations:

  1. Specific educational institutions.
  2. Filming in non-municipal sites such as:

Requests for photographs in the streets - subject to the approval of police.


In case of change in the filming timing for any reason, please contact the Arts Department (details below) and describe the issue and the change. As applicable, the applicant will be notified of whether it is necessary to update the permit or submit a new application form.


Photography after 11pm will be given a special permit, provided that it will not constitute a nuisance to residents and the environment.

Permit and Other Costs

  • Daily production for six hours or less - 90 NIS (minimal fee). 
  • One or two day shoot, 6 to 12 hours in aggregate – 150 NIS. 
  • One or two day shoot, over 12 hours in aggregate - 190 NIS. 
  • Production over two days - 230 NIS.
  • Film students, presenting certificate accredited academic institution - 50% off regular rates.
  • Municipal worker time (inspector/electrician/plumber, etc.) - 90 NIS.
  • Parking in blue and white – city rate.
  • City asset utilization - based on the city rate.
  • Other expenses (water, electricity, etc.) - based on actual cost or according to the assessment of the manager responsible for the subject.
  • Productions taking place in more than one location: 70% discount off regular rates will be given on the second location; 50% discount off regular rates will be given on third location. 
  • Requests to extend the filming (on productions over two days):
    • A request received after the end of approved filming and up to two weeks from filming - will be defined as "extra" and will be charges with 50% regular rate.
    • A request received after two weeks and more from the end of approved filming - will be defined as "a new request for filming" and will be charges the regular rate.

Some discounts may be possible for multiple locations.

Contact Information

Tal Shaffir Avineta
Manager of Filming Productions Projects in Tel Aviv-Yafo
Fax: 03-6969211

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