Tel Aviv Tech Ambassadors

Tel Aviv’s greatest asset as a city is the talented individuals who make up this ecosystem, and we want to showcase them to the world. Therefore, our goal is to promote the startup entrepreneurs who are doing groundbreaking work, internationally. We believe that there is no better way to present the local industry to the global stage than by highlighting the individuals developing disruptive new technologies. This is why the Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality has launched the Tel Aviv Tech Ambassadors, recruiting 30 innovative startups who can represent the City globally.

The startups were chosen by a committee of municipal and top industry professionals for their unique innovation, their presentation skills, charisma and their commitment to the City of Tel Aviv. These ambassadors will enjoy opportunities such as strategic exposure to international delegations, international media and participation in innovation conferences abroad.We believe these companies show the world the best that our city and country has to offer, and truly represent the “startup city.”

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