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Ministry of Aliyah and Immigrant Absorption

What is the Ministry of Aliyah and Immigrant Absorption?


The Ministry of Aliyah and Immigrant Absorption is responsible for the assistance that the State of Israel provides to new immigrants and returning residents, including financial, vocational, educational and other.

The Ministry is now also responsible for encouraging aliyah, as well as overseeing ongoing absorption procedures that include contact with potential immigrants at the stage at which they become interested in aliyah prior to immigration to Israel, through assisting and monitoring new immigrants from their initial arrival and arrangements in Israel until their absorption and integration into all facets of Israeli life.


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How should I interact with the Ministry in Tel Aviv?

One of your first steps when you arrive should be to go to the Ministry of Aliya and Immigration Absorption.


There, you will receive information on the Absorption basket or income insurance, rental assistance, education possibilities for children, as well as assistance from other Ministries. You will also receive information on ulpans in your area and be given a referral to a Hebrew ulpan.


Please bring the following required documents: immigration certificate (teudat oleh), bank account documentation.


Address:  6, Esther Ha Malka Street.
Phone: 1 599 - 500 - 901

The 24 hour hotline of the Ministry of Immigration Absorption is: 03-9733333
Student Authority
 Minhal StudentimThe Student Authority’s activities are promoted through four main channels:
  1. Encouraging Aliyah, Advice, and Guidance – information about study options in Israel, registration and acceptance conditions, and advice about choosing an area of study. Services are to candidates both in Israel and overseas
  2. Assistance (psychological, social welfare, academic) – psychological services to those who require them, social - welfare services, tutoring and academic support.
  3. Integration and Social Absorption – individual guidance from a counselor, familiarization trips throughout the country, seminars about Zionism, Jewish heritage and citizenship, community volunteering, vocational preparation, activities for integration into Israeli society and culture.
  4. Financial Assistance - funding for tuition fees, and subsistence allowances for those who require them. Student Authority staff guide immigrant students throughout their period of study, during ulpan studies, in preparatory courses, and during studies in various educational institutions.
For information in Tel Aviv, you may write:
For students considering Aliya, you may write:

The Interior Ministry

What Can I Do at the Interior Ministry? The Interior Ministry oversees all issues related to citizenship and residency, including the issuing of ID cards, Teudot Maavar, and Passports.


The Tel Aviv Office is located on 125 Begin Road

Phone: *3450 (Press 4 for English)

National Social Service/Bituah Leumi

What is Bituach Leumi? The National Insurance Institute, known in Hebrew as Bituach Leumi, is the government body responsible for social security;  it distributes a variety of insurance benefits and collects insurance premiums. If you need to apply for children's allowances or pension benefits, this is the place to go.​



Located? Tel Aviv office: 17 Yitzhak Sadeh Street. For appointments, phone *8321

The Ministry of Health and Health Insurance

Every Israeli citizen is entitled to health insurance . All new citizens are given an a immigrant certificate called a “teudat oleh” and a health insurance form. You may fill it out at the airport, or go directly to the Post Office when you arrive.  
The four main HMOs in Israel are Clalit, Maccabi, Leumit, and Meuhedet. For more information on HMOs in Israel please visit their individual websites (below) or go to the Ministry of Health page
Clalit Health Services
  • Phone: *2700 
Leumit Health Fund 
  • Phone: *507
Maccabi Healthcare Services
  • Phone: *3555


Meuhedet Health Fund
  • Phone: *3833 

Ministry of Construction and Housing

The Ministry of Construction and Housing is responsible for construction infrastructures, for providing housing solutions, public housing and housing mortgage subsidies
Check out the Ministry of Construction an Housing website- Click here.


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