Giving Back To Your Community


If you are a Tel Aviv-Yafo resident and interested in giving back to your community, you got to the right place! Utilize the city’s Volunteer Unit to find the best volunteering option most suitable to your needs and preferences.


The Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality Volunteer Unit acts to locate, recruit, evaluate and place volunteer in personally adapted short-term and long-term volunteer projects associated with the Municipality. Close to 5000 volunteers aged 18-40 take part in the city’s various volunteer projects.


The Volunteer Unit works with youth movements, high school students, university students, young professionals and other individuals who work in the private sector, as well as many non-profit organizations. The unit’s aim is to provide further assistance to Tel Aviv-Yafo residents who receive professional or other aid the Welfare, Health and Human Services Administration.


Volunteer assignments are carried out through both direct and indirect contact with populations in needs. The volunteer aid provided encompasses a wide range of diverse populations: infants, children, adolescents and adults with disabilities, neglected children, youth at risk, single parent families, drug addicts, the elderly, the homeless, the vision impaired and others.
Indirect volunteering can be done in the form of manning some of the municipality’s hot lines for senior citizens, victims of sexual and/or emotional abuse in their home/relationship or the packing and distribution of food packages for those in need.


Throughout all volunteer assignments, the Volunteer Unit provides its volunteers with direct supervision. 

How Is The Volunteer Work Adapted To Each Volunteer Individually?

  1. A Volunteering Coordinator meets with candidates for an initial introduction meeting held in groups where the prospective volunteers are presented with different volunteering facilities and assignments.
  2. At the next stage, candidates are invited for a personal interview with a Regional Volunteering Coordinator who offers them with practical options. It is highly recommended to visit different volunteering facilities before making a final decision about your prefered volunteering assignment.
  3. If required, volunteers undergo personal and group training in a variety of volunteering activities via the Volunteer Unit

Interested in joining us? The Volunteer Unit is waiting for you! Contact us via email and we will help you find volunteer work adapted and suited to you: pniyothitnadvut@mail.tel-aviv.gov.il

Optional Volunteering Opportunities & Facilities

  1. Volunteering in child care centers (children in grade 1-6)
  2. Volunteering as “older siblings” (mentoring) children and youth
  3. Volunteering in helping children and youth prepare their homework
  4. Volunteering with single-parent families
  5. Volunteering with children/adults via the Mesila Organization (Aid and Information Organization for Work Migrants and Refugees)
  6. Retirees volunteering with preschoolers at their kindergartens
  7. Volunteering with people with disabilities
  8. Volunteering with the blind and/or visually impaired at the Multi-Service Center for the Blind
  9. Volunteering with children/adults with physical or cognitive disabilities
  10. Volunteering with people with mental disabilities at a rehabilitative work center
  11. Volunteering with people in the process of weaning off drug abuse
  12. Volunteering with recovering homeless people
  13. Volunteering with home-bound elderly people
  14. Volunteering with the elderly in elderly clubs and centers
  15. Volunteering in a documentation of holocaust survivors program
  16. Volunteering in the Citizen Consultation Services

For further details, you are welcome to contact Mrs. Sherry Gleytman, a Volunteering Coordinator,
Address: 98 Yigal Alon Street, Electra Building
Telephone: 03-7240946
Email: Gleytman_s@mail.tel-aviv.gov.il



Did You Know?

  • Each volunteer receives personal or group guidance from social workers and other professionals.
  • Throughout the volunteering activities, all volunteers are insured.
  • Volunteers are invited to lectures, seminars, professional tours and cultural events.

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