Learning Hebrew (Ulpan)

What Is An Ulpan?

Hebrew is taught throughout the city in schools called ulpans (which literally means "studio").

We believe that learning Hebrew in an ulpan is a critical component of the absorption process.


The language skills acquired at ulpan are beneficial throughout every phase of absorption - including finding a place to live, looking for employment, advancing in you career and building relationships with local Israelis. In addition, ulpan courses often discuss Israeli society, politics, and culture, and thus familiarize participants with various Israeli institutions, authorities and agencies.


Lastly, often, your fellow classmates in ulpan often become your life-long friends.

When Do Ulpan Meet?

Studies usually take place five days a week between 8:00am and 1:00pm. The evening program usually runs sometime between 4:30pm and 8:00pm, depending on the level of study.  The full course is 25 hours a week, but may vary. Part time studies are also available to accommodate different schedules.

How Can I Register?

Olim should register for an Ulpan upon your arrival in Tel Aviv Yafo, which is usually done through the Ministry of Aliyah and Immigrant Absorption (6 Esther Ha Malka Street). 

The 2 Municipal Ulpanim in Tel Aviv Yafo are:

How can I improve my Hebrew after Ulpan Alef?

We provide several advanced ulpanim throughout the year to help olim improve their Hebrew, perhaps feel more at home in our community, and better prepare for the Hebrew job market.


Some examples include, The Hebrew of Current Events, Conversational Hebrew, Hebrew in the Spotlight and more.


We are also open to initiating new ulpan ideas according to need and demand.


You may contact directly the Ulpanim Gordon or Neveh Zedek (please see above), or alternatively, contact our office.