The towing of vehicles parked in unauthorized parking spaces in the city is based on towing services operated by the Enforcement Branch of the municipality, and not by the Israel Police.



Towing Department Tasks:

  • Providing an immediate response to parking nuisances that interfere with the flow of traffic entering and leaving the city and major traffic arteries.
  • Quick treatment of the evacuation process of vehicles in parking spaces reserved for the disabled.
  • Evacuation of vehicles that are parked illegally.
  • Assistance to the security forces in evacuating vehicle mass events and hostile terror attack incidents.
  • Evacuating wrecked vehicles.
  • Evacuating vehicles from special areas (schools, recreation centers, etc.)

Towing Areas Map


Information Call Center for Towed Vehicles

Telephone: 106 (outside of Tel Aviv- 03-5218106)
Operating Hours: 24/7, 7 days a week. Please have the towed vehicle’s registration number at your disposal when you make the call.


Locating a Towed Vehicle

Attention! To find out where your vehicle was towed to, please call the 106 call center. The towing fees for releasing a towed vehicle are comprised of payment for towing and municipality expenses. It is important to know that after 24 hours from the moment your vehicle was towed, you will be charged an additional charges for every day that passes without you releasing your vehicle. To release your vehicle, please come equipped with an ID card and a vehicle license. For more information reagarding the payment, please contact the information call center number above.

Towing Abandoned Vehicles And Wrecks

According to the Maintenance of Cleanliness Bylaw (hebrew), a vehicle left in one public space for a period longer than 60 days, will be towed by the minicipality. After being cleared away the vehicle will be perceived as a wreck and will become municipality property.

According to the same law, returning a vehicle to its owners after it has been stored will only occur if the vehicle owner has paid for all municipality expenses in the towing and storing of the vehicle and any other fines.

The municipality will tow a vehicle if it has not been moved after 60 days from the prospective towing notice slip on the vehicle's windshield.


Service for Citizens Who Are Interested in Surrendering Their Towed Vehicles

Interested in surrendering your towed vehicle? Please fill the request form for the clearing away and scrapping of a vehicle (in Hebrew), and send it with copies of your vehicle license and ID card of the car owner (including the ID slip) to the Supervision Branch [fax number listed below]. Your request will be transferred to the Municipal Vehicle Fleet, that will take care of the scrapping and the delisting of the of the vehicle from the Licensing Offices.

Attention! A driver who chooses to surrender his/her vehicle will not be charged for the towing and storing of the vehicle.

Spotted An Abandoned Vehicle? Report it to the Municipality!
If you come across a vehicle you suspect to be abandoned, you can report it to the 106 call center (*9106) and the Supervision Branch will attend to your call. If the vehicle in question is a wreck, the Municipal Vehicle Fleet will tow the vehicle to an abandoned vehicles parking lot.

Attention! The treatment process of an abandoned vehicle whose owners did not report lasts 90 days. Please bear patience.

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