Families In The City

Tel Aviv Yafo Is Family

While Tel Aviv Yafo is perhaps best known as a Global City, a Start Up City or the NonStop City, for us at the Tel Aviv Yafo Municipality and for over 400,000 residents, it is also known as a home and a family.

Tel Aviv Yafo offers a thriving education system, community and cultural activities for the entire family. Libraries on the boulevard, outdoor Children's Theatre, bubbles in the theatre forum and more.

Community Centers

How Does Tel Aviv-Yafo Promote Community Life for All Ages:


Tel-Aviv-Yafo attracts a diverse array of people from almost every part of the country.  The city provides attractive living for all age groups featuring a varied supply of homes; boasting a quality education system; promoting equal opportunities; enhancing pluralism; and supporting community cohesion. The Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality gives great importance to investment in and development of communities and neighborhoods throughout the city. Within this framework, numerous activities are organized in the community centers, sports centers, public libraries, youth centers and more.


What  Is the Purpose of the Community Centers?
The city's community centers offer a gathering place for social, educational, cultural and recreational activities. The community centers' activities promote quality of life and environment, tolerance and acceptance of differences, development of life skills, partnerships, and quality cultural and recreational activities for all ages.


What Activities Can I Find at The Community Center?
•Daycare services and summer camps 
•Recreational activites such as dance, theater, music lessons and perfomance
•Sports and physical activities
•Peer programs
•Volunteering programs
•Library services
•Single parent family groups

Youth Movements

Many teens in Tel Aviv-Yafo are active members in a youth movement; there are a variety of movements with different emphases, including: 


  • Scouts – The city's largest movement with 8,500 members in 19 chapters (or centers). Subdivisions within the movement include Religious Scouts, Sea Scouts (involving sailing activities), Catholic Scouts, Muslim Scouts, and Christian Orthodox Scouts. For more info contact: 03-7301552
  • Bnei Akiva – a religious Jewish youth movement. For more info, click to their website.
  • HaNoar HaOved, HaShomerHaZtair, Agiel –Jewish and Arab movements linked to socialists groups. For more info, call 03-5125125.

​Free Events for Families:
Most Shabbats throughout the year, the Tel Aviv Yafo Municipality hosts free events and shows for the entire family. The events take place at the Culture Square (Kikar Ha Bima), at the Sarona Center, or at the Old Train Center – Ha'Tahana. To keep updated, you could check out the facebook page "Olim in Tel Aviv Yafo".
In addition, often your community center in your neighborhood often convenes various free or minimal cost Holiday and other events.
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