Smart City - Security and Emergencies

Municipal Security Control Center

We’re looking out for you ‘round the clock! With about 600 security cameras placed all over the city and streaming live, the Municipal Security Control Center is able to keep an eye on unusual activity, such as theft, damage and loitering, at all times. The control center also receives information about residents report to the municipal call center and mobile app, and together with the cameras, the municipality is able to respond to calls efficiently and dispatch the right personnel quickly.

Municipal Security Patrol

Residents of Tel Aviv-Yafo rest easy thanks to Sela, the municipal security patrol force tasked with ensuring that the city is safe for its residents, business owners and visitors. The patrol operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in partnership with the Israel Police, municipal inspectors and the camera-based control center. The patrol works in conjunction with the municipal call center and mobile app and receives and address dispatches.  

Security Cameras and Panic Buttons

We’re keeping kids safe around the clock, no matter where they are! More than 1,00educational institutions throughout the city now have a “panic button” and app that they can use to send out key information when a kindergarten or school is in trouble. Tel Aviv-Yafo is the first city in Israel to use command and control technologies for both times of emergency and routine, another step in integrating more and more advanced technology into urban life and making the city smarter.

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