Employment for New Immigrants

The Department for Immigration Absorption of the Tel Aviv Yafo Municipality is devoted to helping each new resident build his or her home and future in Tel Aviv Yafo. Its unique team is fluent with English, French and Russian.

Introducing Tel Aviv Talks - an ongoing series of talks throughout the year provided free of charge that aims to help the immigrant community achieve personal and professional goals by providing information and networking opportunities, focusing on:

• Job search skills and career advancement seminars
• Networking events
• Understanding the Israeli work culture.
• Presentation workshops


Additional important organizations assisting Olim with career seeking and community building are:
Ministry of Aliya and Immigrant Absorption (Maof), Gvahim , Nefesh B Nefesh (for U.S. and British immigrants), Telfed (for South African, Australian and Dutch immigrants), Olim in Tech community (mainly for software engineers and developers) and TLV Internationals.


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