Bicycles and Scooters


The Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality has made it its top priority to encourage bicycle and scooter riding across the city. Cycling reduces parking issues, decreases traffic and gas expenses. It is cheaper, better for the environment and for the cyclists themselves as it improves fitness and increases bodily adrenaline levels.


In recent years, the municipality has allotted multiple public spaces in the city for the construction of bicycle lanes, and bicycling is a fast-evolving fad in the city that is here to stay. Grab a bicycle and venture out to rediscover the city in a friendlier, faster, cheaper and fun new ways. Don’t forget a helmet!

Please note- The following recomendations and rules pertain to cyclists and scooter riders as well!

Why Use Bicycles and Scooters?

Bicycles are a convenient, efficient, non-polluting, cheap, quiet and friendly means of transportation.

Tel Aviv-Yafo’s flat topography and comfortable climate make for a perfect environment to bicycle in. With the help of a bicycle you can get around the city through the fastest routes, without traffic or parking tickets.

 For instance, you can get from the beautiful, green scenery of the Yarkon Park to the central Rabin Square in 7 minutes; from the colorful Tikvah Market you can get to the bustling entertainment area of Rothschild Boulevard in a mere 8 minutes and the ride from Dizengoff Center to the Tel Aviv-Yafo port is a whopping 12 minutes. 

 When you bicycle, you make a great contribution to the quality of your own environment by decreasing the city’s air and noise pollution levels.

Bicycling is also great for your own health: regular bicycling improves your physical fitness, helping in preventing heart diseases and gives a wonderful feeling when that rush of adrenaline kicks in.

 You can use your bicycle around the city for multiple purposes: to go shopping, to spend leisure time with friends and family, to get to work, to school or to university. You can try extreme riding in races outside the city or in the city’s parks.

Bicycles are also space-savers: instead of parking a single car in one parking space, you can park 10 bicycles.


Click here for a map of the city’s bicycle lanes.

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Cycling in Prohibited Places

The Municipality is stepping up the enforcement of bike laws in order to protect pedestrians from injuries caused by bicycles and electric scooters. Bicycle and electric scooter riders are prohibited from using cellphones and headphones while riding.

A person who violates this law is liable to recieve a fine of 250-1000 NIS.

To pay a ticket- CLICK HERE (Searh for Payment for Fine- Bicycle/Scooter Violation)

Tel-O-Fun Bicycle Rental Service


As of August 2020, the Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality has decided to cease the "Tel O Fun" service in the city. Click here for more details (in Hebrew)

Tel-O-Fun is a municipal bicycle rental services that enables cyclist to ride all over the city and return the bicycle to any of the stations placed next to residential areas, entertainment and employment centers. 

The service is open and available to Tel Aviv-Yafo residents, visitors and tourists alike. The Tel-O-Fun service operates all day long, 364 days a year (except for Yom Kippur). 


How does the Tel-O-Fun Service Work?
Daily or Weekly Subscription- this subscription is especially suitable to Tel Aviv-Yafo residents who need to navigate across the city with bicycles occasionally, and for visitors. It can be acquired at the Tel-O-Fun terminals via credit card.


Yearly Subscription- this subscription is mostly suitable to residents who use the service on a regular basis, or visitors who arrive in the city every day (for work or studies).

 This subscription grants subscribers with a personal chip which enables the taking and returning of the bicycles from stations in a quick and efficient manner.


For more info, log onto the Tel-O-Fun website.

Safety, Parking And Theft

Riding in the City? This Is How You Will Remain Safe!

1. Bicycles are considered vehicles - abide by traffic lights and road signs!

2. Where there are no bicycle lanes- ride on the right side of the road, near the right curb.

3. Where there is a bicycle lane- ride on it and don’t deviate from it.

4. Hold the handlebar with both hands.

5. Before stopping or make a turn, signal clearly with your hand.

6. Always remember to give the right of passage to pedestrians.

7. Wear a helmet .

Driving in the City? This Is How You Can Keep Bicyclers Safe!

  • Maintain a safe distance from cyclists- they are vulnerable! Maintain a safe distance between your vehicle and the curbside so that it can fit a cyclist.
  • Signal at turns and beware of the intentions of bicyclers who are riding behind you.
  • At the traffic light, allow bicyclers to proceed so that they can clear the way safely.
  • Before opening your car door, make sure that a bicycler is not riding towards you or behind you.

Essential Safety Measures for Bicyclers

  • Helmet
  • Bell
  • Effective lighting means: white front light, red rear light
  • Light-reflecting stripes: red in the rear, orange in the pedals and white in the sides
  • Functioning front and back brakes
  • A child’s seat (up to age 5) with straps. The seat can only be used if the child is wearing a helmet

Recommended Safety Measures

  • Mirror
  • Flag
  • Blinking rear lights, the light even in stops
  • Bright clothing


​How to Park Your Bicycle

The Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality has set up more than 3000 bicycle parking facilities across the city. The parking facilities are situated close to activity centers and public buildings (schools and community centers), trade centers, employment centers, public transportation centers, gardens and parks.


The parking facilities enable bicycle owners to tie the bicycle frame directly to them, which decreases the chance for theft. It is recommended that bicyclers use a strong lock against thieves, which will attach both the front wheel and the bicycle frame to the parking facility. ​

Clearing Away Bicycles From Public Spaces


According to the Aid to Tel Aviv-Yafo Bylaw (Maintaining Order and Cleanliness), 1980, the Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality clears away from the public space abandoned bicycles or bicycles that pose a disturbance to pedestrians or vehicle transit, including bicycles that have been placed or attached to the following places:

  • Traffic island
  • Within bus stops or bus stop poles
  • A road sign marking disabled parking
  • Blocking access to the handicapped
  • Within intersection and crossroads
  • Public benches


Clearing Away Usable Bicycles

Usable bicycles: Bicycles that have been cleared away from the public space by the Green Patrol Team and can still be utilized. As a rule, the Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality doesn’t clear away usable bicycles unless they have been reported to the 106 call center due to a disturbance/ have been tied in an illegal manner.


A Demand of Removal will pasted to bicycles that have been left in the public space within 14 days. At the end of the 14-day period, the municipality will clear away the bicycle to the municipal bicycle storage center and post their image on this website.

At the end of three months from the day the picture was published, if the bicycle will not be retrieved by their owners, it will be sold to a contractor. Throughout this period, bicycle owners can locate their bicycles in the photo gallery and retrieve them.


A Request to Retrieve Your Bicycle

Bicycle owners who are interested in retrieving their bicycle, can turn to the Green Patrol Group via the contact means listed below.


Clearing Away Bicycle Wrecks

Bicycle wrecks: bicycles that have been cleared away from public space by the Green Patrol Team and are in an unusable condition: bicycle frame, bicycles missing a wheel, rusted bicycle, etc.

 If a Demand of Removal is pasted onto bicycle wrecks that have been left in the public space, bicycle owners are expected to remove their bicycles within 14 days. At the end of this time period, the bicycle will be removed to the wrecks storage center before being transferred for strapping.


The Green Patrol Group (Sayeret Yeruka)

Telephone: 03-7240867, 057-2502041

Helpful Information

Recommended mobile apps

"Moovit" | Available on App Store and Google Play
"Google Maps" | Available on App Store and Google Play
"Telobike", "Mobike", "Bird", "Wind", "Lime" and "Bike".

To pay a bicycle/scooter violation fine, click here
If you received a fine and have any questions, please email:

For more information about bicycles in Tel Aviv, Click here (in Hebrew)

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