Why Tel Aviv

The Tel Aviv Metro Area is considered to be the economic heart of the state of Israel and is responsible for about 50% of the country's GDP*.


Tel Aviv-Yafo is the home of the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange, Israel's only public stock exchange and other major financial institutions. In 2015 Tel Aviv –Yafo was ranked no. 25 on the Global Financial Centers Index (GFCI).


With the highest number of small businesses compare to other main cities in Israel, the city of Tel Aviv-Yafo accommodates 400,000 employees every day, 38% of them are Tel Aviv-Yafo residents. Prominent sectors of Tel Aviv's economy are banking, finance and insurance, real estate, business service providers such as lawyers and accountants and High Tech.

But the true secret to the city's success is its unique DNA – a unique synthesis of informal business culture and startup hubs coupled with a young and vibrant environment.


Tel Aviv is a young city and boasts a robust scene of theatre, art, festivals, nightclubs, cafes, bars and pubs which together with the unrivalled vibrancy of its nightlife make it a city like no other. During most of the year, its hot sunny days give way to warm Mediterranean evenings which pull the city outside to fill the countless cafes and bars which stay open and buzzing seven days a week until the early hours.


This is why Tel Aviv-Yafo, the nonstop city, is a magnet for all kinds of people, Israelis as well as internationals, interested in living and working in an open and pluralistic city, which offers a very high quality of life.

9 Reasons to Set Up a Business in Tel Aviv

  1. Be at the center of a world-leading tech hub
    With one start-up for every 260 residents, Tel Aviv is the city with the highest concentration of start-ups per capita in the world.

  2. Take your pick of leading tech talent
    1st in the world in the number of engineers per capita[1] and ranked 3rd in global talent.[2]

  3. Join leading world tech companies who already have R&D and innovation centers in the city
    Amazon, Google, Alibaba, eBay, Facebook, Siemens, Booking.com, Citi, PayPal, Barclays, Volkswagen, SAP, Coca Cola, Bosch, Culture Trip, AOL and many more.

  4. Benefit from competitive taxation and R&D grants
    The country offers over 30 different grants and tax incentive programs for R&D activity.

  5. Stay connected to the world

    With over 250 daily flights from 200 direct destinations[3].

  6. Be part of a truly international business environment
    English is a common working language in the Israeli high-tech sector.

  7. Gain access to capital
    Israel ranks 2nd in the world (after the US) in availability of venture capital. [4]

  8.  Enjoy a high quality of life in a city that never sleeps
     With more than 300 days of sun a year and an unparalleled night life and culinary scene, Tel Aviv is one of the world's most dynamic, multicultural and safe urban centers.

  9. Enjoy Grade A real estate
    Tel Aviv offers a multitude of premium business sites and Grade A offices.

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