Helping Local Businesses

Helping Local Businesses During Covid-19

The Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality is doing its best to help local businesses during the covid-19 period. This page concentrates information about guidelines and reliefs in order to help all business owners overcome the challenges created by this health crisis.

COVID-19 Guidelines for Workplace activity

All workplaces can operate, subject to compliance with the “Purple Badge” rules and without receiving an audience.

Receiving an audience will be allowed in the following places:

  • Pharmacies
  • A place to sell food (including pet food).
  • Optics Institute.
  • A store whose main business is the sale of hygiene products.
  • A store whose main business is selling essential products for home maintenance and laundry.
  • Communication products and communication services store and communication and computer repair lab.
  • Markets - Stalls are not allowed to open. It will only be possible to sell food, only in a store that is in a closed building.
  • A place used for sports training, which the Director General of the Ministry of Culture and Sports has approved to be used for the training of professional athletes.
  • Public workplaces, defined as a government office, trust unit and local authority can provide essential services that cannot be provided remotely.
  • A place that has received approval from the Director of Medical Services can provide essential services for which cannot be provided remotely.

Additional highlights:
 -Other stores and businesses are not open to the public, but can make deliveries.
-Restaurants and cafes - Customer seating is prohibited, but takeaway service and deliveries can be provided.

Addintional information and guidelines for the corona period: National Emergency Portal

Purple Badge Guidelines

Click here to see the full “purple badge” guidlines (in Hebrew)

General restrictions:

  1. The employer must inform his employees about the obligation to wear a mask according to the instructions.
  2. Do not service a person who is not wearing a mask.
  3. Signage should be hung in a prominent place regarding keeping 2-meter distance between people and the obligation to wear a mask.

Purple badge application form (in Hebrew)
More Information regarding the purple badge HERE

Benefits for Business Owners

  1. Expansion of an external permit area for cafes and restaurants
  2. Placing chairs and umbrellas in the public space- Increasing the supply of seating options in the public space also helps and encourages the activity of the food business - cafes and restaurants in the city, which these days is based on ordering and taking away
  3. Benefits for hairdressers in the city
  4. Benefits for artists in the city

Additional information is in Hebrew - Benefits for business owners

Soft Landing Services

The soft landing services guide, recently published by Tel Aviv Global and Tourism, presents essential information for multinational companies that are setting up shop in Tel Aviv. While your company is already up and running, you may find some of this information relevant and useful.
Now, as always, we at Tel Aviv Global are here for you – to provide timely information, answer your questions and assist you in any way we can-

Check it out- HERE

Businesses Grants

Business property tax reduction for businesses
Examination of eligibility for a tax rebate will be carried out by the Small and Medium Business Agency in the Ministry of Economy and Industry.
For inquiries, you can contact by phone: *3569 extension 2, or by email:

For additional information (in Hebrew)

Apply for a grant for businesses for help with fixed expenses during the coronavirus crisis
The Tax Authority and the State of Israel wish to support businesses that have been hurt by the coronavirus.The grant is provided to help pay part of your fixed expenses such as rent, electricity, and water bills, if you continued to pay them during the crisis.

Click here for more information

Coronavirus expenses grant for self-employed workers
Responding to the coronavirus outbreak, the Israeli government approved a new program granting discounts on municipal business tax - until June 2021.

According to the program, a discount worth 95% of municipal tax will be granted to businesses meeting the necessary criteria. Eligibility will be determined by the Economy Ministry's Small and Medium Business Agency. Discounts will be granted automatically following approval by the agency. There is no need to approach local authorities.

Eligible companies:
- Companies with an annual turnover of up to NIS 200 million, and suffered a 60% drop in revenues compared the same period last year.
- Companies with an annual turnover between NIS 200m. and NIS 400m., and suffered an 80% drop in revenues compared the same period last year.
- Companies that commenced operations between January 1, 2020, and February 29, 2020, and are eligible for government assistance grants.

To submit a discount request:
- Submit a request for an expenses grant for self-employed workers on the Israel Tax Authority website:
- Following receipt of approval from the Tax Authority, submit the approval to the Small and Medium Business Agency via their website.
- The Agency is responsible for informing the local authority regarding eligible businesses.
- The local authority will grant a discount to eligible businesses automatically following receipt of approval from the Agency, and will update the relevant business in writing.

We recommend commencing the request process as soon as possible in order to swiftly receive the necessary approvals.

Information for Olim to Tel Aviv-Yafo

Misrad HaKlita's Professional Training Vouchers
For general information on the voucher and eligibility conditions
For a sample of courses you can use the voucher (also available in Spanish, French, Russian, and Hebrew)
For questions or to submit a request email Misrad HaKlita directly (Tel Aviv region only!)
at or

Special Corona Grant for Olim
Ministry of Aliyah and Integration has announced a special grant for Olim that made Aliyah between 1/9/2019 - 30/6/2020.
The Grant will be paid automatically in two installments to all who are eligible. There is no need to apply. The payment will be made to the account that you receive(d) your Sal Klita.*

Eligibility to receive the Grant:
-Made Aliyah between 1/9/2019 - 30/6/2020
-Began receiving Sal Klita payments
-Settled and resides in Israel since Aliyah date (with the exception of short trips abroad)
In Israel at the time of the Grant payment**
* If you changed your bank account since receiving your Sal Klita, you must update Misrad HaKlita with the new account details in order to receive the grant
** If you will be out of the country on the date of payment, you will NOT receive that installment
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