Smart City - Online Services

Appointment Booking

Stop wasting time waiting in line! With the municipality’s booking system, residents can find all the information they need online and make an appointment for municipal services in advance without having to wait in line. For individuals, services include paying municipal taxes and water bills, getting a city parking permit, signing up for DigiTel or Tel-O-Fun, receiving information about kindergartens and more. Business customers can use this for municipal tax and water payments, signage, planning information and business licensing.

Forms and Online Services

Shorter, quicker and easier? Check! The Municipality of Tel Aviv-Yafo is constantly expanding its online offerings to make more and more services available to its residents. Residents can now: request a parking permit, appeal a ticket, contact the municipality’s service hotline, sign up for DigiTel, contact the mayor's office, pay and inquire about municipal taxes, contact the security patrol, inquire about appraisals, review land registration records, contact welfare centers and community centers, register for schools and educational institutions, make appointments for vaccinations, resolve business licensing issues, contact the Educational Psychological Service, make payments and do much, much more—all online.

Online Maps

Want to understand the layout of the city and what’s going on? Go for a bird’s-eye view! The Municipality of Tel Aviv-Yafo’s GIS mapping system gives visitors and residents access to a wide range of maps that provide helpful information about the city and interesting overviews. GIS users will find maps of: real-time traffic reports from Waze, bike availability at different Tel-O-Fun stations throughout the city, roadwork plans, radiation and noise pollution, social services and educational institutions, medical clinics and pharmacies, synagogues, banks, post offices, hotels, cultural institutions, events in the city, unique street names, races, shelters, historical buildings and many others. The data is integrated with the OpenData TLV site, and some of it can be downloaded in a variety of formats.
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