Before You Arrive

We at the Department for Immigration Absorption are happy to be in touch with any potential new resident to our city in order to provide any insights, advice, or guidance to help you prepare for your Aliyah. Actually, we encourage anyone reading this website who is considering Aliyah, to contact us.


Here are some areas in which we could help while you are planning:

  • Education: For families: We are happy to advise you on education or pre-school options for your children, as well as what Hebrew language assistance your child is entitled to receive. We advise you to prepare your child's immunization records, birth certificate, and any grade records before arriving to Israel.
  • Careers: We can help connect you with Tel Aviv Yafo's vast professional networks before you arrive,  as well as provide you with some advice about adapting your experience and your CV to the local job market.
  • Choosing a Neighborhood: We can advise you on neighborhoods potentially close to your ulpan of choice or professional location.
  • Financial Planning: Here is a link to the "Basket of Olim" (sal klita) benefits you will receive upon making Aliya.
  • Learning Hebrew / Ulpanim: Whenever possible, we advise potential olim to consider jumpstarting their ulpan studies abroad. In this manner, when you arrive you could start your ulpan studies at a more advanced level.
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