The city of Tel Aviv-Yafo operates 511 kindergartens for approximately 15,000 toddlers and children aged 3-6. The vision that guides the Tel Aviv-Yafo Preschool Education System is to lead and promote the city’s children to optimal development in a safe, moral and academic environment with a commitment to excellence, professionalism and quality service.


Registration for Gan (kindergarten in Hebrew) takes place during the months of January, February and March prior to the upcoming school year.


Kindergarten provides an educational framework for preschoolers where learning is fun and exciting through experiential learning and games.


The purpose of the kindergarten program is to foster a framework to promote cognitive abilities, emotional, social and motoric development of the child while instilling values, knowledge and culture through an educational framework. Additionally, students learn about their religious and national heritage.


Click here for the Full list of Kindergartens​ [in Hebrew)


Registration for Kindergartens and elementary schools (in Hebrew)

Operation Hours

The Municipal kindergartens are operating between Sunday to Thursday from 7:35-14:00 and on Friday from 7:35-12:45.
The Moadoniot are operating between Sunday to Thursday from 14:00-16:30.
On vacations, the Moadoniot are operating from 08:00-16:00.