Parking Payment Options

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Parking Sticker For Tel Aviv-Yafo Residents Only

​If you want to talk with us, call 03-7249728 (Sunday-Wednesday 8am-6pm and Thursday 8am-3pm.


The parking sticker enables you to park your vehicle all across the city for free within arranged, regular parking spaces (marked in blue and white) and in accordance to road sign directions. In places where a road sign allowing parking to owners of parking stickers for specific areas (parking allowed from 5:00pm-09:00 am) is erected, only owners of relevant parking stickers are allowed to park their vehicles.


Every city resident who owns a vehicle is entitled to a parking sticker, indicating the owner's zone of residence. The sticker should be placed on the vehicle's front windshield, on the upper right-hand corner. A parking sign in the beginning of every street indicates the parking zone of the street.

The parking sticker also enables residents to park at a discount in Achuzot Ha’hof (the municipal parking lots) , when a resident's card is presented.


What documents are needed in order to receive a parking sticker?


    • ​A photocopy of an ID card including the stub located inside of it, stating a current Tel Aviv-Yafo address
    • A photocopy of the applicant's apartment rental / ownership agreement and a property tax payment notice


  • If the vehicle is a company vehicle, the applicant must present official documentation from an accountant, indicating the vehicle is used exclusively by the applicant and indicating deduction from the applicant’s salary for the vehicle.
  • In case of a rental car for a period of more than one week, the applicant must present the rental documentation.

Telephone: 03-7249728

Fax: 03-7240098

Service available Sunday-Wednesday 8am-6pm and Thursday 8am-3pm.

For more information about the acquisition of parking stickers for Tel Aviv-Yafo residents, click here (information is in Hebrew).

Arranged, Paid Parking (For Everyone)

In streets that are marked in blue and white, parking by the curbside is allowed via one of the payment means detailed below from Sundays to Thursdays, from 09:00am to 7:00pm. On Fridays and holidays, parking is allowed from 09:00am to 1:00pm.

In places where a road sign allowing parking to owners of parking stickers for specific areas (parking allowed from 5:00pm-09:00 am) is erected, only owners of relevant parking stickers are allowed to park their vehicles. 

It is important to stress that if a road sign is erected in the beginning of the street, you must act according to road sign instructions, even if they vary from the aforementioned parking hours.


Payment means:


To pay your parking fine, please enter the payment system

Rental Cars

Most rental cars do not bear a municipal parking sticker, as the vehicles are not registered in Tel Aviv-Yafo. Please consult the rental car companies upon renting a vehicle. If you are not familiar with the city's color and zone systems and payment methods, it is advised to park in parking lots.


Please Note: rental car companies will not pay the parking fine for you! If you neglect to pay the fine on time, a legal notice will be sent to you from Isaac Eilat Law Office, Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality's attorney by proxy.

Parking Lots

There are numerous publicly and privately owned parking lots in the city. In most cases, public lots are cheaper and belong to Achuzot Ha’hof, a municipal corporation.

Achuzot Ha’hof
When parking in Achuzot Ha’hof lots, residents of Tel Aviv-Yafo with a valid resident's card and parking sticker are entitled to a 50%-75% discount on the official rate.

The cost of parking depends on the location, duration and time of parking. Most Achuzot Ha’hof parking lots are automated and have no gate-keeper. The parking tariff is listed at the entrance to the lot, and it is possible to call a supervisor using the automated machines. Parking fees go in increments of 15 minutes/per-hour/per-day and can be paid by cash or credit card in automated pay stations. Some parking lots (often those in shopping malls and commercial buildings) require payment in cash to the lot's gate-keeper.

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