Recommended Lease Agreement

Although most of the city's residents either rent or rent out apartments, not all of them are aware of the basic rights that a lease agreement must contain. To put an end to the misunderstandings and create a norm that protects both parties, the Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality drafted a recommended lease agreement.

The lease agreement, which was recently revised after the Fair Rental Act was passed, is written in clear and plain language and addresses the key issues associated with apartment rentals. Prior to signing the lease agreement, make sure to select and indicate the option you prefer in those sections which offer a choice. On the Yad2 website, which has endorsed this lease agreement, you can find apartments whose landlords are willing to sign the recommended lease agreement.

Please note:

Use of the lease agreement is the sole responsibility of the parties to the lease agreement. It is hereby clarified that the Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality and the Yad2 website shall not bear any liability for the implementation of the provisions of the lease agreement between the parties or for their interpretation.

Nothing in the lease agreement and in the accompanying explanatory materials shall be construed as legal advice or a substitute for legal advice provided by an attorney.​

Tenants, you deserve legal advice!

Does something in your contract look suspicious? Have you encountered any problems with the owner of the apartment? Are you aware of your rights?

In Mazeh 9 you can get legal advice from a lawyer at a very low cost - 70 NIS for every citizen \\ 49 NIS for every citizen that holds a Digitel card

Click here and visit Mazeh 9 website for more details (in Hebrew). 

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