Smart City - Transport & Parking

Tel-O-Fun Bicycle Rental Service

It ’s easy to get around Tel Aviv, thanks to Tel-O-Fun, a municipal bike-share system that enables bicyclers to ride from place to place quickly and whenever they want. With stations located all over the city, including residential areas, hot entertainment and hangout spots, and commercial areas, riders can grab a bike and go anywhere. The service is available to Tel Aviv-Yafo residents, visitors and tourists alike. Tel-O-Fun operates all day, 364 days a year, via daily, weekly and yearly subscriptions.

Auto-Tel Car Share

 Why deal with your own car and all the headaches involved — parking, inspection, maintenance — when you can instead share a car and use it just when you need it? That’s why we developed Auto-Tel, a car-sharing service for short trips in the city. It’s cost effective, widely accessible, easy to use and environmentally friendly; plus, its designated parking spots scattered throughout the city save time and make parking a no-brainer.

Auto-Tel is just one of the municipality’s many efforts to promote innovative and alternative transportation solutions in a city that encourage residents and visitors to choose public transportation over their own cars, in order to reduce road congestion and air pollution and make living in the city more affordable for everyone.

Auto-Tel subscribers can grab a vehicle at one point in the city and return it to another. Auto-Tel cars can be parked in designated Auto-Tel parking spot (marked with a green sign) or in any other legal parking spot. The cost of the service consists of a monthly subscription fee plus a charge per minute of travel, and subscribers don’t have to worry about paying for maintenance, fuel or insurance.

Transportation Monitor Pilot

 We are hard at work on a new and exciting project that will change the way you move in the city! The municipality has partnered with MOBI to set up sensors, cameras and Bluetooth devices throughout the city to count the number of vehicles entering, understand how much time is wasted in traffic and give decision-makers an up-to-date snapshot of transportation and movement in the city for better strategic and operational planning. We are considering expanding the pilot even further to additional central boulevards and avenues and to the entire Gush Dan region.

Partnership with Waze

 Tel Aviv-Yafo is one of the first 10 cities in the world to partner officially with Waze! As part of this partnership, the municipality receives traffic reports  and, in turn, updates Waze about closed streets throughout the city, so that Waze users have access to the most up-to-date information and can plan accordingly. The municipality uses the information received from Waze to optimize traffic lights and obtain real-time snapshots of traffic in the city, all with the goal of promoting cooperation and crowdsourcing to understand transportation better.

Night Lines – A Solution for the Small Hours

 In a nonstop city like Tel Aviv, there are endless nightlife options, no matter what you’re looking for. But getting to those bars, clubs, parties and events hasn’t always been the easiest. That’s why Night Lines exist. Night Lines are public transportation lines that run from residential areas to entertainment centers and back late at night, making it easy and safe for young people throughout the country to enjoy a fun night out without the risk of driving under the influence of alcohol or having to spend a lot of money on gas, taxis and parking.
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