Elementary Schools

Approximately 28,000 students are attending this year’s Elementary Education System in the city’s 64 elementary schools.


The Elementary education department is working on developing pedagogical initiatives and running a wide range of activities that help kids integrate into the educational system. Some of the programs are the product of cooperation with educational and artistic institutions in the city. 

Consistency And Change


According to the educational perception that stands at the base of the consistency and individual management policy, most problems that cause parents to consider relocating their children to a different educational institution are solvable and treatable.


In most cases, moving children from one educational facility to another does not solve the core issue, which the children then continue to carry with them at their new school. Therefore, in every one of the city’s elementary schools there is an educational-psychological array with the help of which children can handle the difficulties and problems they may come across. 

This array includes a principle, homeroom teacher, psychologist and social worker.​​

School Change Committee

Parents who wish to move their children to an alternative educational facility (for any given reason), are welcome to contact Mrs. Tirtza Penig, the Individual Management Director, with all of the relevant documents:

  1. Updated school diplomas
  2. Psycho-didactic diagnoses (if there ar any)
  3. An official statement from the current school the child is attending
  4. A School Change Request Form from the school the child is attending


You are also welcome to contact Lea Zaid
Telephone: ‎03-5218700
Email: zayda_l@mail.tel-aviv.gov.il​


For the full list of Elementary Schools in the city, click here​ [in Hebrew].