Elementary Schools

Approximately 28,000 students are attending this year’s Elementary Education System in the city’s 64 elementary schools.


The Elementary education department is working on developing pedagogical initiatives and running a wide range of activities that help kids integrate into the educational system. Some of the programs are the product of cooperation with educational and artistic institutions in the city. 

Primary School Facebook Group- Click here

School Registration Season

The registration process for children entering first grade, or children entering the City's Education system for the first time takes place in the month of January. 

January- Febuary: Registration Season for Kindergarten and First Grade.
June - Notification of assignment of gan/school and Ability to appeal assignment
June- July – Appeal Answers

More information about the process (in Hebrew)- Click here

Online application (in Hebrew)

Consistency And Change


According to the educational perception that stands at the base of the consistency and individual management policy, most problems that cause parents to consider relocating their children to a different educational institution are solvable and treatable.


In most cases, moving children from one educational facility to another does not solve the core issue, which the children then continue to carry with them at their new school. Therefore, in every one of the city’s elementary schools there is an educational-psychological array with the help of which children can handle the difficulties and problems they may come across. 

This array includes a principle, homeroom teacher, psychologist and social worker.​​

School Change Committee

Parents who wish to move their children to an alternative educational facility (for any given reason), are welcome to contact Mrs. Tirtza Penig, the Individual Management Director, with all of the relevant documents:

  1. Updated school diplomas
  2. Psycho-didactic diagnoses (if there ar any)
  3. An official statement from the current school the child is attending
  4. A School Change Request Form from the school the child is attending


You are also welcome to contact Lea Zaid
Email: zayda_l@mail.tel-aviv.gov.il​


For the full list of Elementary Schools in the city, click here​ [in Hebrew].


Q: How do I register my child to the local public school?
A: The process can be done online or at the City's Education Center located at City Hall, or via the link published during registration season (January)

Q: What Documents will I need (including for new Olim)?
A: Your Arnona or Rental contract, and the ID of the Parents and children.
If there is no ID card, a passport is required.
If there is no ID and passport, please bring birth certificate
Apt/Housing contract or arnona bill in the name of the parents. Teudat Oleh is required if your child may need future help in Hebrew instruction
 If your children are entering Grades 2-6, please bring grades from the former school abroad.

Q: What if I just arrived and do not have all of the necessary material?
A: You can come into the City's Education Service Center with your passports and arnona/Rental contract. Please bring any school records as well.

Q: How do we know what primary schools are in our neighborhood? As well as to which one I am zoned. 
A: Here is a link that you can see the locations of the schools. Each year, depending on population shifts in the City, as well as among the children/student population, the zones for each school may be adjusted. Usually during the registration process, you will be assigned to a primary school close to your place of residence.
You're welcome to check out which school you belong to. Please note that sometimes you may see two schools on your home. One school to the state school, and one to mamlachti dati. In some cases, you may have two state schools listed when your home is on the border. In such cases, you can apply to which you prefer. And please note that during the registration process, at some point you can appeal if you are not pleased with your assignment.

On the upper right side> > under 'Searches' > > Enter your street name and home number.. and at the picture both the state and the mamlachti dati school you are automatically assigned to... would pop up...

Q: How can I find out the zone of a specific school in case I want to move closer to one?
A: From the map one can try to discern the primary school within the range of your residence, although it is not 100% guaranteed. Kindly remember there is always an appeal opportunity after receiving assignments.
Q: Does zoning change? How will I know if my child will be in the same school in the next few years?
A: Zoning can change based on population shifts, including the number of children entering school from the area. Once your child is in a primary school, he/she is a student there through sixth grade in almost all circumstances.

Q: If zoning does change, does that mean that my child may have to change schools?
A: In almost all cases, no.

Q: Do you have to go to your local public school or can I apply for a different local public school that is out of my zone? Is there an appeal process?
A: In most cases, you will be assigned to your local public school according to place of residence. There are also additional schools that are 'regional' (Teva, Art, Democratic, Meshutaf). You can always appeal during the registration period and/or apply to change schools during the school year via the school's secretariat.
Q: Are Tel Aviv Schools ranked? If yes, where can I find the rankings?
A: There is a special ranking by certain criterion published on a yearly basis via the Misrad Ha Hinuch based on the "Meitzav" tests.
It can be found here. 

Here is an example of a newspaper article published on the subject

Q: How can I search for the best school option in my area?
A: Choosing a school for your child is also an individual process. We would recommend perhaps asking other parents in those schools in your area and select based on criteria of importance to you.

Q: Is there a way to visit my local school?
A: After school assignments have been completed, often the principal of the school has an open school day for those new students. You would be notified.

Q: Are there school tours?
A: There are special open houses during the registration period of 'regional' schools (Teva, Art, Democratic, Meshutaf). There are no official tours of the regular schools prior to registration. There may be an open house/tour of the school after you receive your school assignment and would receive a notice in the mail.

Q: Is there a way to visit al-ezori and special schools?
A: During the registration period, there are special open house days which are publicized. Here is the list
Q: Is there a calendar that lists them all?
A: They are published on the special announcements regarding the registration season on the websites- Click here
Q: Do some schools have websites that share this kind of information?
A: There is a website for the educational dept which has this information. In addition the special al-azori schools also publish the schedule of open houses.

Q: How much is tuition?
A: The education system is free. There are parents fees which are limited in amount by the Misrad Ha Hinuch. In addition, if one would want an afternoon program for his/her child, there is also an additional fee.

Q: Is there financial aid/scholarships?
A: If a parent cannot afford the parents fee he/she should approach the teacher/principal of his/her school to request a waiver.

Q: What is the student/teacher ratio in first grade? Elementary school?
A: Entering primary classes are up to 34 students per class.

Q: What is the maximum class size?
A: Entering primary classes are up to 34 students. Class sizes may vary from school to school according to the number of students entering that school, which is in turn dependent on population and student numbers in the area. To find out the current class sizes, you can ask perhaps parents from the neighborhood or at the local Education Center located at City Hall. It is important to note that The number can be dynamic due to changes in registration during the summer and/or the month of September.

Q: If my child is unhappy in their local public schools what are my options for sending them to a different local school out of my zone?
A: If your child is unhappy in a local school, at first we would try to work with you as a parent, the teacher, and the principal to see how we can help the child feel secure and happy. We could also sometimes involve a special advisor… 
If you would seek to apply outside, you would need to go to the school's secretariat and fill out a form. This can be done throughout the year.
*This document was compiled as an ongoing "Living" document as a service to our parents community by the Tel Aviv Yafo Department for Immigration Absorption and the Education Administration. We have tried to incorporate both recent and past questions – many provided by the Tel Aviv Parents Support Group - and provide comprehensive answers. As the nature of the system is dynamic, there may be ongoing updates of answers

First Grade

Q: What is the curriculum for First Grade? What subjects will First Grade students be learning?
A: The core curriculum of First Grade is determined by the Misrad Ha Hinuch (Ministry of Education). From that point, the principal and teacher may incorporate other subjects and activities.

Q: Does standardized testing begin in kitah aleph? Is the school curriculum designed to satisfy test score requirements?
A: The testing system is determined by the Misrad Ha Hinuch. The Tel Aviv Yafo Educational system – is designed to provide an excellent and innovative education to help each child develop curiousity and a love of learning, as well as to gain a great foundation of knowledge and skills to succeed in his/her chosen paths in the future. Testing for the Meitzav is determined by the Misrad Ha Hinuch. In addition, it should be noted that optional testing for "Mechunanim" occurs in Kita Bet.

Q: What does my child need to know to be prepared for First Grade?
A: Your ganenet may provide guidance for your child during his/her final year of gan as to anything specific you child may need to enhance prior to entering first grade. We suggest in your meetings with him\her that you raise any issues.
In addition there is a special psychological counselling service available via the Education System. Netaim. You are welcome to consult with them as well.
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