Recycling in Tel Aviv-Yafo

The average Israeli generates nearly 2 kgs of waste each day. If we multiply that amount by the number of days in a year and the number of people who live in Israel – we will easily find that this waste accumulates and reaches gigantic proportions, taking up valuable space and polluting the soil, the groundwater and the air. But not all waste has to become a source of pollution. Because most waste can be recycled, it is highly important that people separate their household waste - and discard it in the appropriate bin.

The Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality, in cooperation with the city's residents, is working to reduce the amount of waste that is produced in the city and goes to landfills – while maintaining the public space, ensuring access to sidewalks and keeping the city clean. Even though recycling is no doubt a critical objective, the Municipality's policy is to deploy bins only in the private space and not on sidewalks. In view of the fact that every neighborhood is designed differently, we are trying to tailor a suitable solution to each neighborhood that is consistent with the residents' preferences, protects the environment and addresses operational considerations.


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