Parking Violation Notice (On Front Windshield)


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Sunday- Wednesday 8am-5pm, Thursday 8am-3pm.



Parking regulations and their enforcement are defined by the Tel Aviv-Yafo Aid by law (leaving and parking of a vehicle), 1983. If you receive a parking violation notice (parking ticket), it will be left under the front windshield wiper of your vehicle. The violation will be registered under the vehicle number. The fine must be paid within 90 days of receiving the notice.

To Pay A Ticket Click Here

 Due to the Coronavirus situation, the Municipal service centers are closed to the public until further notice. Please contact us via our online channels or by calling: *9106

If you do not know why you were given a parking ticket or wish to dispute the charges you are welcome to contact us for further details and assistance.

Address:110 Jerusalem Boulevard, Ground Floor, Jaffa

Opening Hours: Sunday- Wednesday 8am-5:00pm

Thursday- 8am-3:00pm

Telephone: *3013

Online application (in Hebrew)

Online Query Regarding Parking Tickets

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Credit Card Payment

Telephone: *3013

*Appointments can be ordered 24 hours in advance via the call center.

Mail Address: 110 Jerusalem Boulevard, Jaffa, 6815113

Sunday- Wednesday 8am-5pm, Thursday 8am-3pm.

Locate Your Parking Tickets

The “Location of Parking Tickets and Enforcement” System (in Hebrew) enables Tel Aviv-Yafo residents to see the parking and enforcement tickets they have received in the city and have yet to be paid for, and to pay for them. 

To see records of your parking tickets, you must insert into the system your background details: your ID number, your vehicle number and the number of the parking tickets.


In order to see a specific parking ticket, you can insert into the system your vehicle number and the specific parking ticket number.


Please notice: Some of the parking tickets you are charged with may not be updated in the system yet. Because of that, the information on the website does not constitute court evidence if you wish to be tried and cannot serve as your claims against official municipality listings.

Penalty Charge Notices And Their Enforcement


Penalty Charge Notice (Via Registered Mail)

A parking violation notice may be sent via registered mail to the registered owner of the violating vehicle. This notice will be sent if the fine is not paid on time. Fines should be paid within 90 days of receiving the notice and no later than the day specified on the notice.
Payment Demands

The first demand for payment (blue sheet) will include the amount of the initial fine, plus the cost of an additional penalty for the delay. The second demand (red sheet) will be the last warning before final collection procedures are placed into effect.
Non-payment will result in collection procedures.
Collection of Fines Not Paid on Time
By law, if a fine is not paid, the municipality may collect the debt, in part, by vehicle foreclosure or by seizure or foreclosure of bank accounts.

Request to Nullify a Fine

If you would like to submit a request to nullify the fine, you must apply in writing within 30 days of receiving the parking violation. The request must specify the reasons and should include attachments of any validating documents.

The request may be made online (in Hebrew) or at the Parking Division located at 110 Jerusalem Boulevard, Jaffa, 6815113. The request must include a photocopy of the violation and any appendages to the violation including documents that validate the request to cancel the fine.

Please notice: It is important to state in the request your full details (full name, ID number and address)- a request that does not include an ID number will not be viewed! It is also important to mention your vehicle number of the penalty charge notice. If you send a printed form, it must contain your official signature.


If you have parked your vehicle in regular, authorized blue-and-white parking spaces and received a parking ticket 60 days prior to receiving your parking sticker, such a fine/ticket will be automatically cancelled.


If you have parked your vehicle in an authorized parking space and paid for parking via Cellopark, EasyPark or Pango and still received a parking ticket, you can request a refund. In order to do that, you must send a request to the Parking Branch Offices and attach your parking ticket and an appendage that proves that you have paid for parking.


Disputing the Violation – Trial Request

If you would like to dispute the violation in court, you must request a trial within 90 days of receiving the fine. Click here to print and fill out the Request for Trial Form (in Hebrew).

Law Enforcement With The Help Of Cameras

The Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality has started to enforce the law against illegal parking in congested traffic arteries and public transportation lanes. The enforcement is executed by documenting the parking felonies via stationary cameras that are erected on poles in different locations around the city.

5 Weizman Street
Carlebach Street (between the Ha’hashmonayim Street and the Ha’arbaa Street).
62 Even Gvirol Street
4 Tchernichovsky Street
1-12 Yefet Street

11-24 Yefet Street

Nissim Aloni (Yoo Tel Aviv)

36, 44 Kaplan Street

Sarona- Arie Lova Eliav Tunnel

Dizengoff Street (Between King George and Tchernichovsky Streets)

24 HaHagana (HaHagana Train Station)

70, 80 HaHagana Road

10 Giv'at HaTahmoshet Street (HaShalom Train Staion)

125 Menachem Begin Street

98 Yigal Alon Street

68 Even Gvirol Street

19 Habarzel Street

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