Special Education

Tel Aviv-Yafo’s 16 special education schools serve the needs of all the relevant groups in the city. There are schools for children suffering from cerebral palsy, for autistic children and adults, for the deaf, and for those with learning disabilities. Additionally, there are special classes for the blind and three schools for children and youth with behavioral difficulties.

In total, there are 37 kindergarten classes for children with special needs, 70 special classes in regular elementary schools and 38 special classes in regular high schools. The municipality also provides service for kindergarten children in treatment centers; it offers diagnoses and educational treatments such as preparation for first grade, psychotherapy by licensed physiologists, and other forms of treatment such as art and drama therapy.

The city provides a variety of programs for children with special needs from ages 3 to 21. The special education laws allow children with special needs to learn either within the framework of special education or to obtain special instruction and services within the regular education program.

Special education facilities

  • Comprehensive schools - these schools focus on providing both education and treatment for children with specific disabilities such as autism, cerebral palsy, intellectual disabilities, etc.
  • Special classes in regular schools - children with disabilities or special needs that have difficulties in regular education programs, yet are not suited for the comprehensive special education frameworks, can integrate the combined special classes in regular schools;
  • Learning disabilities classes - designed for children with learning challenges or severe emotional challenges.
  • Communications classes - for children with communication problems.

A special committee comprised of holistic professionals will review the child’s situation and make a determination that is best suited for the child.

Parents with further questions who would like to learn more about the subject are welcome to contact the Special Education Department.
Contact: Ronit Ben David
Address: 14 Balfour Street, Beit Straus
Telephone: 03-7248484
Fax: 03-7240095

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