Tel Aviv Smart City

 The Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality, which is notable for its encouragement of and openness to innovation and to improving the urban experience, has embarked on a strategy to leverage its world-renowned high-tech ecosystem to facilitate its transformation into a smart city.  A leading technology hub, Tel Aviv has developed highly advanced solutions for urban administration and, more importantly, to increase citizen engagement and public participation.  Tel Aviv's smart city strategy in this way supports and advances the four objectives outlined in the City Vision: to create a city for all residents, to implement resident-oriented government, to maintain an appealing urban environment and to advance the city's status as a financial and cultural center.


The DigiTel Residents Club, the key project, is a personalized web and mobile communication platform which provides residents with individually tailored, location-specific information and services. The platform facilitates a direct and holistic connection between the city and residents, offering them services that other cities simply can't, in areas that other cities don't even think about.


5 years after winning the title Best Smart City in the World in the Smart City Expo World Congress in Barcelona In 2014, and with over 206,000 users, the DigiTel platform has expanded to include Digi-Dog for dog owners and Digi-Taf (taf meaning young children in Hebrew) serving over 20,477 parents of children up to the age of three. In the coming months the platform will launch "Tel Aviv NonStop City", this feature will serve tourists as they plan their trip to Tel Aviv and will include targeted personalized information based on their travelers preferences.


We mapped out our residents' needs:

  1. First and foremost, our residents need better access to services, in order to make their daily life in the city and exercising their rights much easier.
  2. Once that was taken care of, we went on to personalize our interaction with residents – we know our residents, and offer services proactively when they need them, in real time. If residents have a new born child, we'll send them a present and offer workshops for new parents. If we know that they love certain cultural events, we'll recommend those that interest them most.
  3. The next step is building communities, in order to encourage engagement and connections between residents, which in turn will strengthen the city.
  4. The highest level we offer is partnership in government – we include the public in decision making, with complete transparency when it comes to municipality works.


Tel Aviv has the smartest residents, and they push us forward, to become not just a Smart City, but the Smartest City in the world.

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