High Schools & Middle Schools

Here you can find all the information you need about the registration process to the city’s high schools, the excellence and enrichment programs the city’s high schools offer, social projects and informal education activities. 

The past school year, over 18000 students have attended the city’s 25 high schools. In the past school year, a new learning method has been introduced to the city’s high schools: Project Based Learning. This method emphasizes learning based on projects in a technology-affluent environment.


Students learn via practical experiences, gathering and analyzing data and information, problem-solving and decision-making. All of these processes are part of an innovative, unusual learning process in numerous subject matters.  


Each year parents must register their children into the appropriate elementary, middle or high school.  Generally, the students will be placed in an elementary school in their neighborhood, and then continue to middle and high school. 

The city’s primary schools offer a wide range of special programs.


Registration for middle school and high school (in Hebrew)


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