How Could You Help Me Settle Into My Apartment/House?

The best way to look for a new apartment​ is via these platforms:


Secret Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv Apartments

Tel Aviv Sublets

Tel Aviv Apartments/Roommates

Tel Aviv Apartments

Tel Aviv Rentals







Websites (In Hebrew)




In addition, here is a quick checklist of infrastructure items you would need to address: (the list is 

not comprehensive. It is provided as a service to be of help):

  • Phone Line - Choose Company
  • Internet Company - Choose Company
  • Cable Television - Choose Company
  • Electricity Bill - Consult with landlord on whose name
  • Gas - Consult with landlord


Vaad Bayit – Please note that in Israel, most apartments have a Housing Committee – the Vaad Bayit. The Vaad Bayit is usually some of the homeowners in the building that manage the building's infrastructure and cleanliness. It is important to inquire about the fee and its expected payment timeframe.

What financial assistance can I receive towards housing?

  1. The Ministry of Aliya and Immigrant Absorption provides some assistance to those eligible. Check out this site
  2. In addition, eligible new olim are entitled to a discount on arnona (city tax). During the first two years from the date of their Aliyah, they are eligible to utilize the discount for 12 months. This applies up to 100 square meters dwelling.


If I have questions about my rental contract or rights as a renter, can you assist?
Yes, The Young Adult Community Center at Mazeh 9 Street offers all renters legal advice, and housing counseling.

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