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Synagogues And Congregations

See the full list of Orthodox synagogues in Tel Aviv-Yafo, on the GIS map

Or visit the Religious Council of Tel Aviv-Yafo website (in Hebrew).


The Masorti Movement in Israel.
The Masorti movement is a traditional, egalitarian religious movement in Israel, affiliated with the worldwide Masorti/Conservative movement. The Masorti Movement in Israel is guided by halakha (Jewish law) and an open and pluralistic approach to contemporary scholarship, Jewish living, democratic ideals and Zionism.

  • Kehillat Sinai- 88 Bugrashov St., Tel Aviv. Masorti (Conservative)-Egalitarian congregation.
    We are Kehilat Sinai in Bograshov 88, a center of Jewish spiritual renewal. We are an egalitarian, liberal and diverse community in the heart of Tel Aviv. Our community belongs to the Masorti Movement in Israel, and we are deeply committed to Social Justice, the rights of Women and the LGTBQ*-Community. We are happy to see you on Shabbatot and Holidays. Come and visit us - Just as you are. and

  • Havurat Tel Aviv- was founded in 1984 and is now a growing, vibrant community. The main emphasis in the community is on having a rich Jewish experience in an egalitarian and pluralistic spirit with men and women participating equally in community life. The Kehilla's ongoing activities include Friday night prayers, joint meals, holiday services and activities, study groups, charity events and celebration of life cycle events. Kehilla children take part in the Masorti Movements Noam Youth Group Branch and enjoy a variety of activities and nationwide programs.
  • Kehillat Tiferet Shalom - Keihillat Tiferet Shalom is located in the center of Ramat Aviv. The kehilla aims to instill content, meaning, spirit and social life into every Shabbat and Holiday and into the life cycle events of Kehilla members through learning groups both in Hebrew and English, cultural evenings and activities for children and the entire community.
  • The New Kehila is the center for Jewish life in Ramat Aviv, hosting weekly Friday night and Saturday morning services, weekly Shabbat dinners, Jewish cultural events, holiday services, cultural events, and study groups for people of all backgrounds and ages.  The New Kehila actively creates public service opportunities for its members. A heterogeneous mix of native Israelis and new and veteran immigrants, the New Kehila provides a warm and welcoming environment enabling a smooth integration into Israeli society.

Israel Movement for Reform and Progressive Judaism.
The Israel Movement for Progressive Judaism (IMPJ) is Israel's liberal Jewish religious movement and a constituent member of the World Union for Progressive Judaism.

  • Beit Daniel- the Center for Progressive Judaism in Tel Aviv-Yafo. Serving both as a community center and a synagogue.
  • Beit Daniel maintains three congregations: The Jaffa Communal Congregation, The Beit Daniel Congregation, and The Kehilat Halev Congregation.

Other Religious Establishments

Though Tel Aviv-Yafo has a predominantly Jewish population, the city is also fosters a vibrant religious life in a variety of other sectors.


  1. Beit Immanuel Anglican Chapel, corner of Auerbach Street and Beer Hoffman Street, Jaffa.
  2. Friendship House (The Redeemed Christian Church of God), 30 Levanda Street., Tel Aviv.
  3. Immanuel Lutheran Church, 15 Beer Hoffman Street, Jaffa.
  4. Seventh Day Adventist Church, 15 Frankel Street, Tel Aviv.
  5. Seventh Day Adventist Church, 63 Nordau Street., Tel Aviv.
  6. St. Anthony's Catholic Church, 51 Yefet Street, Jaffa.
  7. St. Peter's Catholic Church,1 Mifratz Shlomo Street., Old Jaffa.
  8. St. Peter's Monastery – Russian Orthodox services, 157 Herzl Street, Tel Aviv.


  1. Hassan Bek Mosque, Herbert Samuel Boulevard (across from the Carmelit bus terminal), Tel Aviv.
  2. The al-Bahr Mosque (also known as Jami al-Bahr, Sea Mosque), Ha’aliya Hashniya harbour, Yafo.
  3. The Mahmoudiya Mosque, Rothschild Boulevard, Tel Aviv.
  4. The Sidna Ali Mosque, Yigael Yadin Street, Herzeliya.
  5. Muslim Prayer Hall, Tel Aviv University Student Dormitories (G building basement), Ramat Aviv, Tel Aviv

The city of Tel Aviv-Yafo has always been home to a deeply-rooted, rich and varied Jewish culture, tradition and community. In recent years, the city has witnessed a wonderful revival of Jewish culture and activism. The city is home to 450 synagogues, as well as 900 kosher restaurants that operate under the supervision of the Tel Aviv Religious Council.


International congregations are concentrated around Ben Yehudah Street; Sephardic synagogues are located mostly in the city’s southern part, while most Ashkenazi communities are in the north.


The city offers numerous facilities to learn and celebrate Jewish life, many of which cater to the international community. Newcomers to the city’s international community can enjoy a variety of Jewish events and projects. If you are looking for a Jewish organization, facility or network to connect to in Tel Aviv-Yafo, you are welcome to explore these interesting initiatives for more information.


For more information on the city’s Jewish Life, please visit the sites of the following suggested establishments:

  • Alma- Home for Hebrew Culture : An educational institution for adults in the field of Hebrew Culture that trains cultural change agents in this field. A creative source for renewed and contemporary Hebrew Culture contents, working within major Jewish communities in Israel and around the world.
  • Bina- Center for Jewish Identity and Hebrew Culture. Bina is a vibrant center for Jewish learning and Tikkun Olam, the Jewish notion of repairing the world. Bina holds innovative programs for young adults, including its flagship projects (the Secular Yeshiva and Bina Bashchuna, meaning Bina in the neighbourhood), based on three elements: Jewish study, social action and social justice, community and leadership.
  • Hillel -The Foundation for Jewish Campus Life at the Tel Aviv University Campus and The Kibbutzim College. Hillel creates a unique environment in which students feel secure to approach, explore, and take "ownership" of their Judaism.
  • WUJS- The World Union of Jewish Student - WUJS is an international, pluralistic, non-partisan umbrella organization comprising of 48 national independent Jewish Student Unions from all over the world, founded in 1924, with Albert Einstein as its first President.  WUJS' headquarters are located in Tel Aviv.
  • Kolot (lit. Voices)- Kolot seeks to increase Jewish literacy and thus invigorate Israel's most educated and influential lay leaders and professionals to create significant and long-term social change. The Amitim Lay-leadership Program is the Kolot flagship Jewish text study initiative for influential and outstanding leaders in a broad range of fields and takes place in Tel Aviv.
  • Beit Tefilah Israeli (lit. Israeli prayer house)- A young and fast-growing, liberal, independent, egalitarian and inclusive community in urban Tel Aviv, which is committed to the Jewish spirit, culture, and social action and strives to redefine the Jewish-Israeli identity of the secular Israeli public.
  • Beth Hatefutsoth- Museum of Jewish Diaspora- The history of Jews and their life in different countries for 2500 years. The museum's exhibits include dioramas, audiovisual displays, documentary films, computers and multimedia presentations.
  • Hamakom- Center for Culture and Spirit - At "Hamakom" you can enjoy various Jewish courses and events celebrating the Jewish Calendar: Kabalat Shabbat, Rosh Hodesh, learning companions etc.
  • Beit Daniel- The Center for Progressive Judaism in Tel Aviv-Yafo- Beit Daniel aims to serve as a community model based on equality and pluralism. Serving both as a community center and a synagogue. Beit Daniel, the Center for Progressive Judaism in Tel Aviv-Jaffa is located in the northern part of Tel Aviv, on Bnei Dan street (across from the Yarkon River).
  • Mishkenot Ruth Daniel- The Reform Movement's cultural and educational center and guesthouse that serves as a place of gathering, learning, and social action in the heart of Jaffa. The spirit, structure, and location reflect Israel’s extraordinary diversity and complexity, bringing together Arabs and Jews, immigrants and native born citizens, the affluent and the less advantaged, ancient and new, East and West. The center provides opportunities for learning and exploration through a wide range of educational programs.
  • The Kabbalah Center
  • Central Chabad Lubavitch of Tel Aviv

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