Learning Hebrew

Whether you are an Oleh, a short term student or a young professional that relocated to the city, we believe that learning Hebrew is a critical component of your integration process into the Israeli lifestyle- finding a place to live, looking for employment, advancing your career and building relationships with local Israelis.


The more traditional way to learn Hebrew is at an Ulpan (which literally means "studio"), a school for the intensive study of Hebrew.

Ulpans offer courses in a variety of levels and intensity, to accommodate different schedules. Each course takes place between two to five times a week, with students able to choose from morning, afternoon or evening classes.

Municipal Ulpans

The two Municipal Ulpans in Tel Aviv-Yafo are:
Gordon- on LaSalle Street 7



Neveh Zedek- 7 Lillienbloom Street


Other Options

You might like to consider also other schools such as: CitizenCafeTlv, ThisIsNotAnUlpan, Ulpanoya, Berlitz and more.

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