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Tel Aviv Municipality Start-up Committee


The Tel Aviv - Yafo Municipality is committed to supporting local startups. We offer different services in order to promote and support early stage startups.
Which startups are entitled to these services?


1. Startups improving the quality of life for residents and visitors
2. Startups who promote Tel Aviv – Yafo as a Smart City

Apply through this form for the following services:

- Meeting with a municipal expert - A one-on-one meeting with a municipal expert from various departments - sanitation, transportation, city veterinarian etc. - as well as from the CIO office.

- Beta site: The Municipality can enable entrepreneurs to test their technologies in a real setting, whether in the field of sanitation, lighting, parking management or mobility. The pilot will be held for a period of up to 6 months and will be limited in the number of participants. Please apply through the form above.


- Property tax (Arnona) reductions for startups (Batei Tochna)- in order to support startup companies, The Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality offers significant benefits on property tax, according to the percentage of R&D component of the company.
To apply for reduction please submit your details on this form (in Hebrew)

- Pubic Relations - the Municipality offers brand exposure to leading startups through its various digital platforms. The scope of the exposure will be determined by the Municipality and would be subjected to changes.

Municipal Entrepreneurship Centers

The Municipality has allocated joint workspaces to early-stage startups and entrepreneurs. These spaces are available at a subsidized rate, allowing entrepreneurs the opportunity to develop their projects in a comfortable environment, with access to vast networking opportunities.

The Platform

The Platform is a social-urban innovation center in the Neve Sha’anan neighborhood of Tel Aviv. The Platform connects between local residents, social and tech entrepreneurs in order to tackle social challenges and enable the implementation of innovative solutions within municipal projects. The Platform offers co-working space, workshops and accelerator programs for those who would like to contribute to the quality of life of residents and develop local entrepreneurship.

Address: 6 HaGalil Street

Visit our Facebook page here

Director: Shana Krakowski


Phone number: +972-52-3061009

Made in Jaffa

Made in Jaffa is a unique model developed by Presentense to help bridge the gap between Tel Aviv - known as the hub of high tech and entrepreneurship of the Startup Nation – and Jaffa, that has a lower socioeconomic population with a lesser connection to the startup ecosystem. The program, hosted in Yefet 83, includes weekly meetups, workshops at the youth center and an acceleration program for early stage ventures. It promotes innovative initiatives in Jaffa in collaboration with the mainstream Tel Aviv entrepreneurial community. Presentense is an NGO promoting social change through entrepreneurship - a key factor to creating a prosperous society. The program offers inspirational lectures by experts and professional guidance by mentors including workshops, office hours and a possibility for a pilot.

Visit Made in Jaffa Facebook

Visit Made in Jaffa Website

Made in Jaffa Coordinator: Badawi Farra,


Sarona Hub – Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center

Sarona Youth Innovation & Entrepreneurship Center is a new innovation center that connects the next generation of innovators with leaders in the startup city. This center, the first of its kind in Israel, targets the best minds of Israeli youth (ages 12 – 18) by teaching the foundations of entrepreneurship, technology, business, as well as principles of social and urban innovation. Established by the Tel Aviv Municipality in cooperation with the Tel Aviv Foundation, the center offers courses, workshops, lectures and a co-working space. The youth are the leaders at the center, they serve on the board of directors and they are key decision-makers, with the view that the center is their “playground” and independence is crucial for them.

Rotem Dar,


+972-52-7976678; +972-3-3732708

The Lounge

The Lounge – A Space for People Who Make the City is a space for creators, entrepreneurs and producers who are advancing projects that have an impact on life in Tel Aviv-Yafo – in the fields of culture, society and community. The Lounge offers an open and dynamic work space in the heart of Tel Aviv and creates connections between young adults who are working to better the community and culture in the city.
Mazeh 9

Chen Alfia, Director


The Library

The Library is the urban innovation space of the Tel-Aviv Yafo Municipality, hosted in a reimagined public library. The new space utilizes the library’s traditional values of knowledge and curiosity, and infuses them with technological innovation and startup energy. The Library provides a shared working space and hub facilities for teams dedicated to developing internet startups and technology companies, with an emphasis on smart city technologies that address urban challenges. The Library offers networking events, meetups and professional infrastructure, and mostly, strives to build collaborations between the Municipality and young entrepreneurial visionaries.

9 Ahad Ha'Am, Shalom Meir Tower

Yoni Melamed, Director


CityZone is Tel Aviv’s smart city and urban tech living lab, a collaboration between the Municipality, Tel Aviv University and Park Atidim, hosting startups, multinationals and policymakers, innovating in real-time, under real-city conditions. CityZone also partners with large corporates, who wish to get a peek into Israeli innovation in the smart city space.
The lab includes a real-life testing site, as well as an innovation program for early stage startups, enjoying access to data as well as mentorship from the Municipality, lead researchers and private sector experts.

 CityZone is situated at Atidim Park, a 20-acre business area, with an adjacent residential neighborhood, hospital and hotel, bordering Tel Aviv’s Yarkon Park. Thousands of daily visitors, cars, parking, public transportation, kindergarten, restaurants, street lights, roads and essentially any urban use case is part of the park’s day to day. This environment offers the perfect surroundings to develop, test and demo new technologies that meet challenges faced by urban areas, prior to a large scale implementation throughout the city.

CityZone in the news: Nocamels, Jpost, Forbes
CityZone Blog

121 Dvora HaNevi'a Street, Building 2
Gaby Kaminsky, Managing Director


Havruta is a community working space for freelancers, operated by the Tel Aviv Municipality on the upper floor of the Dov Hoz Community Center. Spaces can be rented for convenient prices by the hour (10-hour minimum) and the place holds many networking events, meetups and other activities. Havruta is located in the most central spot in the city and has the most amazing terrace!

Tair Avni


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