Security and Emergency

In times of emergency, the Municipality will continue to provide all vital services to its residents. To the extent possible and based on the nature of the emergency, the services will be provided in an uninterrupted fashion, while cooperating with emergency organizations, rescue teams and government ministries. The Municipality will function as usual and ensure that infrastructures are working properly, that the sanitation services are operational and that the roads are in good condition. It will activate the 106 Emergency Hotline, open various emergency facilities and operate a municipal command center that works in tandem with all the security, emergency and rescue agencies.


Find the bomb shelter closest to your home on the Bomb Shelter Map
Home Front Command website


Where can I get municipal information regarding the Covid-19 (Corona) virus effects?
In accordance with the ongoing events and adhering to the guidelines outlined by the Ministry of Health, the municipality is preparing for the continuous provision of services. More information can be found here.

Where can I get instructions regarding what to do in the various emergencies that might happen in the city?
Instructions regarding what to do in the various emergencies will be announced in the media (Television, radio, social media, etc.), according to the ongoing events. We advise you to listen to the national and local media and follow the instructions given.
Feel free to contact at any time Tel-Aviv-Jaffa's 106 Hotline and the Home Front Command Hotline 104.

What should you do now, ahead of time?
Call the 106 Plus Hotline and find out:
-Which City Quarter Administration you belong to, its address and how they can be contacted by phone
-Which public bomb shelters and parkings as protected spaces are located near your home
-Prepare the shared bomb shelter in your apartment building. A shared bomb shelter is defined as a private bomb shelter- it is for your use and it is your responsibility to ensure its readiness for a state of emergency. Detailed instructions can be found on the Home Front Command website.
-Prepare the protected room in your apartment and ascertain that it complies with protected room standards. Make sure the room has an emergency kit that contains a radio and enough food and water for the number of people who live in the apartment/house
-Explain the rules of emergency behavior to your children and/or elderly parents. Verify that they know how to reach the protected space/private or public bomb shelter/stairwell. Drill these behaviors with them
-Contact the Home Front Command hotline or visit the Home Front Command website and read the "Family Plan" instructions that should be activated during a state of emergency.
Make sure you have a gas mask kit and act according to the instructions issued by the Home Front Command

Why is it necessary to get prepared now? Surely there will be enough time to get ready before a war actually starts
States of emergency, in general, and wars, in particular, can occur without having time to prepare beforehand. Therefore, the best time to get ready is today, in normal times. The preparations are few and simple and can save lives.

Municipal centers for absorbing evacuated residents in case of floods:
1. Neve Eliezer Community Center, Nr. 6 Sheshet Hayamim St. (For residents of Kfar Shalem and Yedidya): 073-3844120
2. Bnei-brit Community Center, Nr. 23 Isaac Harif St. (For residents of Jaffa): 073-384415
3. Community Center, Nr. 5 Kalisher St. (For resident of Shuk Hakarmel area): 03-6583111 (extension 0)
4. Beit Frankfurt Community Center, Nr. 23 Kitzis St. (For residents of Hadar Yossef): 03-6429409

Security Cameras

To protect the public space in the city, including educational institutions, municipal facilities and public gardens, the Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality has installed hundreds of security cameras and tracking and alert sensors that are connected to a state-of-the-art control system.
The cameras facilitate routine surveillance and security of the public space. The system produces HD-quality images which the Israel Police can present as evidence in court proceedings if a crime has been committed. Some of the cameras are equipped with sophisticated analytics that enable automatic identification of irregular situations in the public space, which require no human intervention and generate an immediate alert that is sent to the security control center. Due to the sensitivity of the matter and the need to maintain confidentiality, the right to view the images is restricted to authorized personnel.

GIS – Municipal Map Site
The Home Front Command website

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