Preparing for the Winter

As in former years, the Tel-Aviv-Yafo municipality prepares for the winter. In the past few years, the municipality spent millions of Shekels in order to renew and restore old infrastructure, alongside building new facilities, where needed. These preparations were made in order to decrease flooding across the city, however sudden and violent rain events may still occur, which the drainage system will not be able to fully withstand.

How to Prepare for the Winter?

  1. Cleaning gutters, roofs and drainpipes of debris
  2. Clean home drainage system in order to reduce the risk of blockage
  3. One should avoid piling litter or pruned branches or foliage on the sidewalk in order to decrease the chance of blocking the cities' stacks.
  4. One should check his/hers electricity system and its connections. Improvised and unauthorized electrical connections and system are highly dangerous and ill advised.
  5. Strengthening of structures and objects that might be affected by strong winds is highly recommended.
  6. Checking roofs and shelters for leaks.
  7. Making sure windows, shutters and covers are in place.
  8. Checking water pumps in underground levels and parking spaces.
  9. Keeping emergency lighting in hands reach.
  10. Making sure trees are firmly standing and can withstand strong winds. In addition, making sure that trees are far enough away from electrical wires. In case of a tree touching or nearly touching a wire, please contact immediately the electric company.

Residents in underground apartments and basement owners:

  • Make sure the sealing of these levels is intact and that the drainage system operates well.
  • You must acquire measures to prevent water from flowing into the underground levels.
  • In case of a flood, it is prohibited going down beneath ground level, into parking lots or basements. If there is no other option, always prefer the stairways over an elevator.
  • During a flood, leave the house immediately and sick a safe place above ground level, where security and rescue forces can locate and assist you.
  • In case of evacuating your house due to a flood:

1. Make sure to close gas valve and shut down the electricity to the apartment.
2. Take with you important documents (I.D, Passport, Insurance, etc.) and prescribrd medications.

Preparing your car for the Winter

Many garages and auto-repairs workshops offer free winter check for your car. More details in the National Road Safety Authority.

Feel free to contact our Municipal hotline at any time, through dialing *9106 or by using the 106+ App.