Municipal Services

What is the Municipality?
The Tel Aviv Yafo Municipality provides municipal service to the city's 418,600 residents, 50,000 businesses and millions of yearly visitors. In Israel, the jurisdiction and authority of a municipality may be different than what you may be used to in your country of origin. 

Generally speaking, the municipality deals mainly with local issues: education and community, parks and infrastructure, beautification and sanitation. Because of the centrality of Tel Aviv-Yafo, the municipality also deals extensively with issues of culture, art, welfare, and various social issues.


What Could I Do At the Municipality
Pay your local taxes (arnona); obtain a parking sticker; register your child to school; register as a resident.


What is the Address and Hours of the Municipality Service Center:
69 Ibn Givirol Street (Rabin Square) First Floor.
For more information, go to the Municipal Service Center, here.


What is the Resident's Card – DigiTel?
DigiTel is an innovative smart card that offers the residents of Tel Aviv Yafo various discounts on municipal services, performances, parking facilities, and more. A location and interest-based system will send DigiTel bearers information about public works and local promotions on a daily basis to their phone or email account. For more information, click here​.


What is the 106 Municipal Hotline? 100? 101? 102? Emergency Numbers?
If you would like to report a problem or to ask for information, you may dial 106 from any phone.

Please Note, for emergencies, please dial 100 for the police, 101 for an ambulance, and 102 for the fire brigade.


What is the GIS Map System
Tel Aviv Yafo has an extremely innovative map system, that encompasses dozens of information layers. You can use this interactive system to find information about educational and sports facilities, pharmacies and emergency services, synagogues and community centers and much more.

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