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Smart Energy Promotion

Let’s produce energy in a smart way! To meet the growing demand for energy in Tel Aviv-Yafo (and in Israel in general), the municipality promotes smart energy management and production projects in the city, including solar panels, wind- and wave-generated electricity and more. These initiatives focus on decentralizing energy production and using unconventional spaces such as roofs, ports, urban institutions and open spaces to reduce energy-related costs for the municipality and its residents and ensure that the infrastructure can continue to operate even when there are issues or malfunction. As part of plans to build new neighborhoods, the municipality is promoting new trigeneration systems that allow for better utilization of resources, construction of homes that require less heating and cooling, and centers to produce electricity, heating and cooling.


Tel Aviv-Yafo joins many large cities around the world that are actively involved in programs that produce energy while considering sustainability and decentralization. As part of the promotion of the Paris Agreement, and in partnership with the Ministry of Energy and the Gas Authority, Tel Aviv-Yafo joined the C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group and agreed to reduce emissions by 20 percent by 2020.

Tel Aviv Solar Roof Project

 Tel Aviv gets plenty of sunshine—perfect for powering the city. This project seeks to put the roofs of residential apartments and commercial buildings to work producing solar energy to reduce the cost of living and preserve the environment. The project has been integrated into the municipality’s annual work plan and awarded a budget of NIS 50,000. The pilot project involved mapping potential energy production from 3,000 roofs throughout Tel Aviv (the map is available on the municipality’s website), which the municipality is using to encourage specific residents to install solar roof systems. As part of the pilot, the municipality is also making information and instruction manuals about the benefits of installing solar energy production units, including lists of discounted suppliers and financial assistance, widely available and accessible on the municipality’s website.

Green Label for Businesses

 The Municipality of Tel Aviv-Yafo encourages businesses throughout the city to take action to reduce energy and water costs, streamline procurement processes and inventory management, and reduce the amount of waste. Tel Aviv food establishments that exhibit environmentally friendly business practices are eligible to receive a “green label” from the municipality. Additionally, the municipality gives business owners easy ways to recycle oil, metal, hard plastic, electronic waste and more.

Community Gardens

 Throughout the city, neighbors are invited to come together and turn open spaces into community gardens with the support of the municipality. Community gardens build a sense of community, help neighbors get to know each other and generate activity around a common goal. Every garden is a bit different based on what its organizers choose for their space and community. Some neighborhoods have opted to create a garden that is a habitat for visiting animal species; in others, neighbors have planted their own or shared flower or edible produce beds. Some community gardens are made up of aesthetic fruit or flower orchards with paths and benches, while other communities simply chose to clean up wild overgrowth in their neighborhood.

Sustainable Neighborhoods

 Sustainable neighborhoods, rooted in the “One World” model, are designed based on the idea of renewing ourselves and our environment (through resource conservation, waste treatment, energy conservation, communal and environmental responsibility and solidarity, support for the local economy, sustainability education, etc.) and creating partnerships between all the stakeholders in the neighborhood—residents, businesses, municipalities, organizations and more—to foster local growth and prosperity. The program, led by the Ministry of Environmental Protection, with extensive participation by the municipality, is part of efforts to promote public involvement, greater sustainability in day-to-day activities and advancement of community projects. Groups or residents who want their neighborhood to be the next sustainable neighborhood are invited to contact us and pitch it.

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