Tel Aviv Nonstop City – The Brand Story

The Tel Aviv Global Brand: Going Beyond Logos and Slogans

Tel Aviv's global brand is an extension of the City's vision: to position Tel Aviv as one of the world's 20 leading global cities. This global branding inspired by the 3-gap model by Govers1 and includes:

  1. Devising an aspirational strategic vision - Incorporating a sense of place and formulating shared purpose and values based on the local identity of the city of Tel Aviv.
  2. Delivering the reputation Tel Aviv deserves - Operationalizing this vision into a strategy that formulates policies, partnerships and actions for Tel Aviv in the global sphere.

The City of Tel Aviv defined its global vision by identifying its "Competitive Identity" – namely innovation as a way of life that manifests itself in the "nonstop" character evident in almost all aspects of the city. This central defining purpose
allows Tel Aviv to shape its image and behaviors in order to allow real actions and substances. In short – Tel Aviv chose not only to 'brand' itself through a logo, slogan and advertising campaigns, but in a way that allows us to:

  • Increase international engagement and awareness.
  • Enhance its reputation.
  • Provide renewed sense of purpose and direction.
  • Increase coordination and cost-effective partnerships.
  • Improve the quality of sector-specific promotions.
  • Increase foreign investment, tourism, exports and talent attraction.
  • Enhance cultural influence; and devise systems, strategies and structures to put Tel Aviv firmly and permanently in control of its own international image.

Tel Aviv Nonstop City

"TEL AVIV NONSTOP CITY" is far more than a slogan – it represents a defined and devised strategy that spans all aspects of Tel Aviv as a global player – from citymaking and policy development to actively projecting the way Tel Aviv is perceived by international audiences – devising and communicating an image that allows us to tel Tel Aviv's story while its being written.


  1. Create a unified set of guidelines for the Tel Aviv brand, to be used by all who take part in marketing the city.
  2. Document the citys branding process for future use.
  3. Telling Tel Aviv's story.


The practice of citymaking involves people and communities making their mark on their neighborhoods and cities and helping to create sustainable, inclusive places for all residents. Citymaking makes the difference between a space and a place - a space is a physical demarcation, while a real place draws people, tells a story, reflects a community’s values, and is embedded with meaning. A smart city strategy which uses technology in the service of people is, in short, smart citymaking.

Keeping in mind that the people who live, work in and use our city are our greatest assets, Tel Aviv has formulated a smart city strategy which puts residents and their needs at the center - both in the technologies it has developed, such as the DigiTel Residents Card, as well as in its open data initiatives. The strategy, which is based on transparency, accessibility and active citizen engagement, is in accordance with good citymaking practice.​

The Tel Aviv Brand

The Tel Aviv branding process took place in 2007, initiated by the municipality of Tel Aviv-Yafo, in preparation for Tel Aviv’s centennial celebrations. It’s goal was to create a positive and significant shift in the city’s image and to create a connection between the city and its municipality.
The process was conducted with the assistance of McCann Tel Aviv, the designer Baruch Naeh and Touch graphic design studio, and was managed by the municipality’s spokesperson's office and the Tel Aviv centennial administration.


Public participation

Over 20,000 of the city’s residents participated in selecting the city’s new logo, choosing between two options that were presented on-line. Implementing the new brand The new Tel Aviv brand was implemented in 2009 and was immediately embraced by the residents of the city thanks to the brand's informality and to the fact that the brand itself refers to the city as a whole, and not just to the municipality.


From local to global

With the enhancement of the city’s international marketing, the need arose, in 2013, to make the Tel Aviv brand accessible to international audiences. In 2015, the city’s national and international brands were united, with Tel Aviv’s global branding strategy becoming its local one as well.



Never stop changing

Since the completion of Tel Aviv’s branding process, additional cities in Israel have acknowledged that city branding strengthens a city‘s image, both within its institutions and outwards as perceived by the general public.
Today, Tel Aviv continues to lead the way, upgrading and improving its branding in both the international and Israeli contexts. The “nonstop city” never stops changing.


Brand Story

Tel Aviv is a pluralistic and tolerant city, opening its doors to all people, allowing each of them countless possibilities, so that he/she can fulfill his/her dreams and desires in a NONSTOP CITY.

Brand Essence

Tel Aviv is the image and mirror of the people who live and create in the city - artists, entrepreneurs, makers, and all those who choose to live in a city that lives NONSTOP.

Brand Promise

No matter who you are, this city will accept you, embrace you and push you forward. In Tel Aviv, you can be whoever you want to be, do whatever you want to do, with whomever you want, however you want, when you want.

Brand Values

Multi cuturalism, accepting and promoting those who are different.


A city thet believes that it will become a better place if everyone will be able to be who they truly are.


Freedom of thought, of expression, of choice and of creativity. Above all: the freedom to be yourself.


A city that leads in all fields shaping the face of Israeli society.


The place where everyone can express themselves.

Tel Aviv - One Brand


Jaffa Old City

The NONSTOP CITY doesn’t just live around the clock, it lives through the span of time. Jaffa, the world’s oldest continuously active port city which has existed nonstop for 5,000 years. Jaffa, the birthplace of Tel Aviv, has a substantial part in creating Tel Aviv as a pluralistic liberal city filled with creative energy.

The First Hebrew City

The roots of the NONSTOP CITY were planted in the way the city itself was founded - a city built from the sands that became a modern metropolis; a city that was created by people of words and art, who ever since, have never stopped creating within it. The uniqueness of Tel Aviv was born from the Hebrew language - the first city in the world to live, love and breathe in Hebrew.

The White City

Home to the largest concentration of Bauhaus (International Style) architecture in the world, Tel Aviv is an open air museum and lab for creativity and innovative thinking - from technology to design.

Tel Aviv Gay Vibe

The NONSTOP CITY isn't just a source of pride for its residents, but is also proud of all its residents - no matter their religion, race, gender or sexual orientation.

In the spirit of the declaration of independence of the state of Israel that was signed in the city. Tel Aviv believes that in order to remain a NONSTOP CITY it must be a welcoming home to all people, to every kind of love, and to every sort of lifestyle.


The Startup City

A city whose energy and knowledge come from its people. A technological, connected city that communicates with the world. Whether you’re a party-goer, a culture enthusiast, or you just like to chill – Tel Aviv has a place for you, in one of the world’s leading hubs of innovation and creativity.


The city's brand, just like the city itself, is a combined and ongoing effort of many people, groups, agencies and supporters. Imperative to any effective branding process is ensuring that all those communicating the brand do so using the same strategy and elements of the brand. Our ability to bring together all of the different stake-holders is and has been an inherent part of the success of the branding process. Together, we are all telling Tel Aviv's story.
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