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Arnona & City Taxes

Paying Your Municipality Property Tax


Each city resident must pay the Arnona municipal property

tax, as well as a fee for water usage. The property tax must be paid or any type of housing unit. The amount of property tax to be paid is based on the following factors: the unit’s size, the unit’s location, the type of unit and what use is being made of the unit.

Online application to municipal units- Click HERE 

As a city resident, you will receive a letter in the mail with a precise and detailed explanation regarding the amount of property tax you must pay.


Means of Payment:

There are two possible ways in which you can pay your Arnona municipal property tax:

  1. One payment in advance: you can pay in advance for an entire year’s worth of municipal property but must then send payments no later than January 31 of that year. 
  2. Periodical payment: six payments (two months’ worth of payment at a time). Each of these bimonthly payments is due by the end of every odd month.


Payments Can Be Made Through:

  1. Credit card
    • The postal bank
    • Municipal Service Center: located at 69 Even Gvirol Street, reception hours listed below. 
  1. Standing Order
    • ​​At the bank in six bi-monthly payments, deducted on the third of every other month.
    • Via credit card in six bi-monthly payments. 
  2. Cash/ Check
    • Postal bank (to locate your nearest post office, click here].
    • At the Municipal Service Center located at the Municipality building, 69 Even Gvirol Street, Tel Aviv-Yafo.



Late Payments and Enforcement:


  1. If payment of the property tax is not made on time, the city will charge 0.5% interest per month, (subject to change) in addition to existing amounts.
  2. If payment is not made over an extensive period of time, the municipality has the authority to conduct legal and administrative proceedings and is legally permitted to seize the resident's bank accounts or other personal assets.
  3. It pays to be on time!



Property Tax Discounts:


Certain residents are eligible for discounts – if you are a new immigrant, senior citizen, single-parent family, disabled resident or soldier, you may receive this discount. Please bring any relevant identification and documents with you to the Municipal Service Center where one of the municipality’s representatives would be happy to help you get started on a quick process to register for your Arnona discount.  

For further questions, inquiries or complaints regarding your Arnona municipal property tax payments, please contact the Municipal Service Center at the municipality building, 69 Even Gvirol Street, Tel Aviv-Yafo. 

Telephone: 03-7244444 (Extention 1) or *3013
Fax: 03-5216406 

Online application (in Hebrew)                                                                                                  

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Property owners - your Arnona payment process can now be simplified with the help of our newest service. Tel Aviv-Yafo residents who are members of the DigiTel Resident Card Club who are registered as property holders can now have their Arnona payment slip sent directly to their email.

Online application to municiapl units

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Online application to municipal units (in Hebrew)

In Israel, local tax is not imposed on income. Nevertheless, real estate owners must pay taxes to the local authority (in this case, the Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality). The “Arnona” Municipal Tax is collected according to the area of the dwelling, whether residential or commercial.

 The final Arnona payment each real estate owner is obliged to pay is tolled according to the dwelling’s size (per square meter). Each city’s local authority determines the classification of buildings and neighborhood zoning for the purpose of calculating the municipal tax rate. Therefore, municipal tax rates vary from neighborhood to neighborhood.
 Change of Holders:
By law, the duty to pay property tax applies to the property holder.
Each property has a holder. The holder shall be regarded as any individual with the closest linkage to the property. 
As a rule, the property owner shall be regarded as the individual who has the closest linkage to the property, unless another individual has a closer linkage, for example: a lessee for a period of at least 12 months, a tenant paying key money, and even an invader, under the condition that a written notice is submitted to the Municipality.
By law, the property holder is required to pay property tax to the Municipality.
The holder of a residential apartment is also entitled to various services and rights, for example: property tax discounts, which are granted based on pre-defined criteria, parking stickers for city residents, registration to schools and day-care institutions, membership in the DigiTel Club, and more.
Please note that as long as a written notice is not submitted to the Municipality as outlined above, the duty to pay property tax debts will apply to the holder registered in the municipal records, even after they leave the property.
 For further information for new residents, click here.


Since January 1, 2010 Mei Avivim has been responsible for the continued provision of water and sewage services to the city of Tel Aviv- Yafo. 


You can find all of the information on the Mei Avivim website (In Hebrew).

Land Registry Certificate

As landowners in Tel Aviv-Yafo, you must register in the land registry, the “Tabu” and receive an official land registry certificate. The latter provides the land owner his/her full rights over the registered property and confirms that all municipal taxes and levies on the property were paid.

As crucial as the land registry is, the process of its completion is complex and it is highly recommended that landowners involve an attorney in both the property transaction and the land registration process. 

For more information regarding the land registry certificate acquisition process, landowners are welcome to contact the municipal service center at the municipality building, 69 Even Gvirol Street, Tel Aviv-Yafo. 
Online applications to municipal units (in Hebrew)

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