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Tel Aviv is one of the world's most visited locations. With 13 different beaches, over 1,700 clubs, bars and cafes and an extremely young population (33% between the ages of 18-35!) - no wonder people all around the world are booking their next vacation to this Middle Eastern beach town.


To make it easy for you to plan your next trip to Tel Aviv, we have created Visit Tel Aviv. Visit Tel Aviv is set out to give the tourist all of the information they desire the most: recommendations on events, hotels, nightlife and culture - you can find everything you need on the website.
Visit Tel Aviv is a one-stop resource for all there is to do in the city. With its wide selection of art galleries, museums, and unique street art throughout the city, Tel Aviv is regularly ranked in the top 10 of best cities for the creative class.
Sip on an ice coffee on the patio of an Aroma, or enjoy Oreo pancakes all day long at Benedict. Stroll through the old city of Jaffa, which is a short walk from Tel Aviv’s beaches. Tel Aviv blends history with unique cultural institutions and restaurants, like Dr. Shakshuka or The Old Man and the Sea.


Tel Aviv, with its mix of history and modern cafes and nightlife, is truly a non-stop city.

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