Accessibility Statement


The Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality recognizes the importance of making its services accessible to all residents, including people with disabilities.

The Municipality is in the process of updating its website in accordance with the governmental requirements to make websites accessible for persons with disabilities.


Any action on the site can be done using the keyboard, no mouse clicks required. By doing so, the site is more accessible to the visually impaired.  For example, pressing the tab key moves to the next link, pressing the enter key activates the link, and pressing shift-tab moves to the previous link.

Navigating Around the Site:

This option helps those who are blind browse through the webiste by using the keyboard. At the beginning of each page there is a list of links that can be reached using the tab key. Here is a list of areas to skip:

  • Skip to content
  • Leads to the main part of the page Search
  • Leads to a search field Main Menu

Adjustment for the visually impaired

In addition to keyboard commands, the site has been further formatted to meet the needs of visually impaired users in the following ways:

  • The colors of the site have high contrast to improve readability for people with visual impairment.
  • Text and visuals can be adjusted for size using the zoom option of your browser.
  • Pressing Ctrl and Plus simultaneously increases the view (press several times to enlarge to the desired size). You can decrease by pressing Ctrl and Minus simultaneously

Adjustments for those using a screen reader

The site is suitable for users who are utilizing screen reader software.
 The site includes:

  • Headers
  • Alternative texts for images 
  • Distribution of the site to navigation areas, a central content area and the possibility of skipping between them.
  • Use ARIA to improve the screen reader's spread capability.

Accessibility inquiries

The Municipality continues to work to make the information and services it provides online accessible to all.  Efforts to continue to improve the accessibility of the website are ongoing.
If you have any questions or suggestions regarding accessibility, please contact us HERE
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