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For more information on different temporary visas to Israel please visit the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website.

General Information

In order to work in Israel one would have to be an Israeli citizen. To become an Israeli citizen one must fall under the definition of the Law of return. The Law of Return, 5710 - 1950 determines the right of every Jew to immigrate to the State of Israel. The law is an expression of the connection between the Jewish people and their homeland. Jews returning to Israel are considered people who were away - or whose ancestors were away - from Israel, and are now returning to their country. With regard to the law, "A Jew is a person born to a Jewish mother, or who is a convert to Judaism, and is not a member of another religion."


However, the state of Israel via the Population and Immigration Authority (PIBA) grants work visas (B/1 work permit) for foreign workers who do not fall under the definition of the Law of Return, depending on the different economic needs of the country. A foreign worker would be able to receive permission to work in Israel in one of the following sectors: caregiving for the elderly or for the disabled, agriculture, general residential construction (employment by Manpower Companies), construction via Registered Foreign Contractors, expert ethnic chefs or other experts such as in the hi-tech sector.

A work permit for experts in the hi-tech sector could be obtained in one of the following ways:
1. Long Term Working Visa for Professional Experts
2. Short Term Working Visa for Professional Experts
3. Innovation Visa for Foreign Entrepreneurs (pilot)
4. BETA- Tech Talent Relocation Program

Long-Term Working Visa For Professional Experts

Criteria for visas
Long-term working visa grants a working permit for foreign workers for a period of up to 63 months. The visa can be issued based on one of two main criteria:


1. Professionals in a specific field A professional worker with expertise that is either lacking or does not exist in Israel, or an expert researcher in an academic institution. For example – a senior manager at a multi-national company, a researcher in an institution of higher education, a foreign reporter.
2. Expert professional payment –  A foreign expert whose wage is double or more than the average Israeli employee's wage at the time, or even higher (dependent upon the company's field of occupation). The wage level is used as an indicator to prove that the foreign worker has a high level of expertise or knowledge, and therefore is essential for the service provided by the employer.


Once the employee obtains the working visa, the employee will be considered a non-permanent worker in Israel and is permitted to stay for as long as 63 months. For foreign workers who are eligible for the working visa under the "Professionals in a Specific Field" category, the visa must be renewed after 24 months.
A request for a visa can be submitted by any company registered in Israel or by a company outside of Israel that grants power of attorney to a representative in Israel.

Family Members

The employee may request to have family members join him/her during the period of time that he/she is relocated in Israel. Approved family members will be a spouse and minor children.
Permits for family members shall be requested at the Population and Immigration Authority before the family members arrive.

Short-Term Working Visa For Professional Experts

Visa Criteria

Short-term working visas are valid for 45 days. They grant a working permit for a professional expert according to the following eligibility criteria:


1. Regarded as a foreign expert (according to the criteria listed above).
2. Will be employed for a period of up to 45 days.
3. The employee's expertise is needed in order to perform a temporary task such as – consultations, inspections, equipment repairs, or any other temporary assignment that requires the foreign expert's special skill or expertise.
4. The worker has a passport from a country whose citizenship does not require a visa in order to enter Israel.


A request for a permit can be submitted by any company registered in Israel or by a company outside of Israel that grants power of attorney to a representative in Israel.


Family Members

Generally, an employee granted a short-term working visa will not be permitted to be accompanied by family members during his stay in Israel. However, if the employee is arriving to be involved in a line of work that demands high academic studies and based on the length of his stay in Israel, the Immigration Authority may allow family members to accompany the employee, if requested.

Health Insurance and Adequate Housing

The employer is required by law to purchase health insurance for the employee during his stay in Israel. In return, the employer may deduct payment from the employee's salary at a monthly amount of up to one-third of the monthly cost of the insurance policy or up to 124 NIS (approx. 34 USD), the lower amount of the two.
In addition, the employer is required by law to provide the employee with adequate housing and may deduct payments from the employee's salary for a monthly amount that varies between 244-447 NIS (approx. 66-122 USD), according to the area of residence.

For more information you may contact the Population and Immigration Authority

Innovation Visa for Foreign Entrepreneurs (pilot)

The Innovation Visa by Israel's Innovation Authority has set the goal of enabling foreign entrepreneurs to develop their innovative technology project as an Israeli company, and receive a work permit visa.
As part of the Innovation Visas program entrepreneurs will be able to stay in Israel for a period of up to 24 months. During their stay they can receive support by the Tnufa Program to help develop their innovative idea.
Further, if the project turns into a company, a foreign entrepreneur can file a request to receive support from the Innovation Authority and after receiving approval, can receive an expert visa to work in the company for a period of up to 5 years. During the time they would spend in Israel, the foreign entrepreneurs will be hosted in one of the 12 Selected Landing Pads for Foreign Entrepreneurs. The Landing Pad will offer exposure to Israel’s Eco-System, work spaces, technologic infrastructure, as well as business and logistic support. Tel Aviv Global is one of those 12 landing pads.

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BETA- Tech Talent Relocation Program

BETA is an alliance of Israeli tech companies who are looking to attract best talent in Israel and in the world, in order to tackle hard tech challenges.
BETA offers a one-year (or more) relocation program for senior tech talent to “beta test” Israel and see if there’s a fit.


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