Tel Aviv-Yafo is renowned as an animal-loving city. With its warm climate, friendly urban policy and wide range of related services, the city is truly unique in its approach towards men’s best friends (cats and dogs alike) and is home to over 20,000 domestic dogs, thousands of cats (domestic and stray) and 60 well-kept god parks.
Looking to volunteer with animals in the city, assist in rescue efforts, help adoption advisors or speak out against animal abuse? Seeking veterinary services? Want to vaccinate your pet? Everything you need to know regarding animals in the city is transcribed below.

The Veterinary Service

What Do We Do?

  1. Oversees and looks after the animal population in the city of Tel Aviv-Yafo.
  2. Aids endangered and suffering animals and operates a shelter for abandoned animals that holds adoption days.
  3. Acts to prevent and raise awareness about rabies.
  4. Vaccinates cats and dogs and provides licenses for (domestic) dog owners.

How to Contact Us
The Veterinary Section, Supervision Branch:
Dr. Zvi Galin
Address- 1 Shai Agnon Street, Tel Aviv-Yafo
Fax- 03-5443689
Public Inquiries:



Do you own a dog? Are you considering bringing home your new best friend? Here is all the information you need about licenses, vaccines and more.




Vaccines and Licenses
Dog owners must vaccinate their dogs every year against rabies and other diseases, and obtain a dog owner license. Vaccines and licenses can be obtained at the urban veterinary service or by any licensed veterinarian. It is highly recommended that domestic dogs be castrated and neutered.
The National Center for Dog Registration:
Address: PO 12, Beit Dagan, 20250
Fax: 03-9485993

New Tel Aviv-Yafo Residents
Welcome! If your dog already has a license which was obtained at another city in Israel, all you have to do is update your location details at the veterinary section and a new license will be sent to your new residence.

Stray/ Abandoned Dogs
If you come across a stray dog wandering without owners or find an injured or sick dog, contact the veterinary service at the telephone service center 106.


There are a variety of agencies in the city whose single aim to protect animals in:


The Israeli Veterinary Services and Animal Health

The Israeli Veterinary Services and Animal Health- The Israeli State Veterinary Services and Animal Health (VSAH) is a largely independent unit within the Ministry of Agriculture, dealing with animal health and disease control. VSAH comprises various integrated units, all controlled from the same campus at Beit Dagan (near the Ben Gurion Airport).
SPCA Israel

SPCA Israel- Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. The Society takes in abandoned animals and tries to find adopting homes for them. Additionally, it provides various services to the community: a veterinary clinic with subsidized prices, a boarding facility for pets, rescue and collection of animals in trouble and a department of education and guidance.
Let the animals live- Israel

Let the animals live, Israel - The organization works towards lowering the use of euthanasia (mercy killing) of healthy animals, providing immediate help for animals in distress, neutering animals in order to prevent unsupervised breeding, educating the public about the importance of neutering, maintaining an animal shelter and extending the Animal Protection law.
SOS Animals

SOS Animals (in Hebrew)- This organization aims to reduce the suffering of homeless pets by finding them homes, taking care of injured or ill animals, returning lost pets to their owners and assisting caring citizens in the community in giving aid to animals.

"Haver Li" (my friend)
"Haver Li" (my friend) (in Hebrew)- A nonprofit organization for dogs' adoption, working together with the veterinarian services of Gush Dan area.

The Israeli Association Against Experimenting on Animals
The Israeli Association Against Experimenting on Animals (in Hebrew)- The association works towards stopping animal abuse in the experimental industries in Israel. Hundreds of people from various sectors of society, including doctors, academics and others who care about animals' rights, volunteer in the areas of advocacy, education, and demonstrations.
CHAI / Hakol Chai
CHAI / Hakol Chai- The mission of CHAI and Hakol Chai is to prevent and relieve animal suffering in Israel while elevating public consciousness about animals through education. They strive to foster empathy, respect, and responsibility for all living beings; they seek to inspire and empower all people, to recognize the interconnectedness of life and make compassionate choices.

Adopt an Animal


“Adopt an Animal” is a one-of-its-kind project that was initiated by the Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality with the purpose of enabling animal lovers to adopt abandoned dogs. The project’s intention is to help these animals regain hope and find them a warm and nurturing home.


Special Adoption Day: Come Meet Your New Best Friend

On the first Friday of every month, the urban animal shelter for dogs and cats holds a festive adoption day. The adoption day takes place at the urban shelter on 1 Shai Agnon Street corner Even Gvirol Street in front of the Reading Arena, Tel Aviv-Yafo between 10:00 am and 13:30 pm.

Parking at the shelter is free. Bring ID and credit cards.

If you miss out on Adoption Day, you can still come to the urban shelter and adopt throughout the month from Sundays-Thursdays between 11:00 am and 14:30 pm.

Want to check out some of the dogs awaiting you on Adoption Day? Check out the urban shelter’s Facebook page.

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