About the Archives

The City Archives include two departments:

1.    Records Center

2.    The Historical Archives of the City of Tel Aviv-Yafo

The Historical Archives contain documents starting from the founding of the "Achuzat Bayit" Association in 1906 until circa 1990, as well as a collection of documents of the Jewish Community of Yafo (Vaad Hakehilla) from the years 1890-1896.


The Archives collections reflect the history of the city in all aspects that involve the municipality: matters of education and culture, parks and recreation, construction, religion, etc. The City Archives include private documents such as from the Chamber of Commerce, the Trade and Industry Club, and documents of private people. They also contain collections of maps since the 1920s, historical photographs, publications of the municipality, and posters.


Donation of documents and photographs

We are happy to receive historical documents and photographs owned by people and institutions who took part in the foundation and development of the city, as well as touch on its life and history. We would like to add all of those to our collections to be used by researchers, students, and anyone interested in the history of Tel Aviv and Yafo (A.K.A Jaffa).


The archive is open to the public.

People who seek any information regarding the city's history are welcome to contact the archive using the information listed below.


Contact us:

Study Room

Situated in City Hall, 69 Ibn Gvirol Street, 10th floor, room 1030

Open to the public Monday-Thursday, 10:00-15:30


Please coordinate your arrival in advance, using the following information:

  • Manager of the center of information and study room: Mr. Vadim Shoostin, 972-3-7244361
  • Manager of the Audiovisual Archive: Ms. Zohar Shamir, 972-3-7244318
  • Manager of the City Archives: Ms. Larisa Shnitkind, 972-3-7244360

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