Smart City - Our Partners

Tel Aviv representatives will be present at the Smart City Expo in Barcelona this year along with a delegation of leading Smart City startups that are addressing key urban challenges, such as the optimal use of resources, increased public safety, intelligent traffic management and more efficient decision making process.


 Cellcom is cooperating with Tel Aviv in projects including IOT and smart city applications providers such as an advanced Command and Control solution provider in which the data arriving at the control center from the field are monitored enables the controllers using advanced tools to support its decision making. The smart city applications enable substantial saving in municipal spending. This is the main incentive for the switch.


 The LightApp initiative lays the foundations for a community support network within major metropolitan areas such as Tel Aviv, with aim of easing the severe consequences of loneliness which impacts approximately half of the elderly generation in the Western World.


CityZone – based in Tel Aviv, CityZone is forming a comprehensive open innovation ecosystem for smart city ventures by hosting Startups multinationals, and policymakers in its living lab, innovating in real-time, under real-city conditions. CityZone also partners with large corporates, who wish to get a peek into Israeli innovation in the smart city space.

Check Point

Check Point provides the City of Tel Aviv a consolidated end-to-end cyber security infrastructure to the cameras that monitor the city transport routes, giving a real-time picture of the traffic.


Prodware, a Microsoft Partner is an international creator and integrator of industry and role-tailored solutions. Prodware is the provider of Tel-Aviv's municipality IT solutions. The technology they provide allows the municipality a 360 degree view of its residents from one hand, and its residents - the best city services available, on the other hand.

Safer Place

Safer Place helps the Municipality of Tel Aviv enhance driving and parking violations enforcement. The company's innovative, award-winning video based platform enhances detects all high-risk dangerous road violations by delivering reliable, field proven technology which supports automatic ticketing, privacy protection and evidence presentation based on high quality videos and photos.

Electra Technologies

Electra Technologies strives to be a pioneer and Israeli market leader in the smart building field, leveraging a comprehensive approach that integrates three levels of activity: Data Collection & Storage, Integration & Drive to Action and Information analysis.


HopOn A mobile, real time SDK for seamless data-generator on passenger behavior, HopOn is revolutionizing the transport industry in Tel Aviv. It's an entirely unique concept that provides an incredibly smooth, streamlined mobile SDK (Android and iOS) – which is capturing a remarkable volume of Big Data.

MER Group

MER Group Intelligent Operational Center (IOC) orchestrates all the essential elements, from communication infrastructure, through radio interoperability, cyber security and mobile platforms, providing a complete connectivity and control awareness, supporting smart city management.