The Smart Tourism Initiative

Tourism is now delivered and consumed digitally. The modern tourist expects hotels, restaurants, museums and other tourist attractions to offer a seamless visitor experience that uses the advanced capabilities of web and mobile applications and technologies. Those who will fail to offer that visitor experience will find it hard to compete in the fierce tourism market.

We at Tel Aviv Global have been working with various travel and tourism startups in the past few years, and have now launched a new initiative that will help local tourism businesses to become more digitally savvy; This initiative is part of a list of other activities we are doing in the smart tourism field.
The Smart Tourism Initiative will integrate tourism technologies that are made in Tel Aviv into the physical tourism infrastructure of the city. The initial focus will be on the micro level (local tourism businesses) while the macro level (city infrastructure) will be taken care of on a later stage.

The Smart Tourism Initiative focuses on 3 aspects:
• Advising and educating on the benefits of smart tourism
• Encouraging the development and maintenance of smart tourism across the city in the micro (e.g. hotels, restaurants) and the macro (e.g. city infrastructure) levels
• Tracking and analyzing tourist satisfaction
A partial list ot participating technologies:

For more information, contact:
Dr. Isaac Mizrahi , Director of Tourism
Mrs. Sharon Landes-Fischer, Head of Tourist Services