Municipal Policies

City’s Legal Issues And Regulations

Signage Guidelines:

The municipality has formulated guidelines for signage in the city in order to:

  • Maintain the aesthetically attractive appearance of the city.
  • Establish uniform criteria for placing signs in the city.
  • Maintain the architectural character of the city's preserved structures and residential buildings.
  • Moderate the design between the requested signs and nearby signs.
  • Protect the public safety by setting safety guidelines for signage.

In what situations does one need to apply for a license?

  • When installing new signage
  • When changing the content of the sign, shape, size, location or any other change of an existing sign
  • When changing the owner or possessor of the existing sign

Public Billboards

The municipality has placed hundreds of billboards around the city for public use, including ads for rent, furniture, jobs, events, sales, etc. Advertisements illegally placed on trees, traffic signs, commercial billboards, and other public or private places are strictly prohibited. City inspectors will register reports against those breaking the law.


Applying for a License Application:

Please fill out the form "Application for the license for signs" and submit along with the required documents. Applications should be submitted to the signage department. The application shall be made in Hebrew: License Applications.
After reviewing the application, the license will either be approved or you will receive a certified notice of rejection of the request. The license will be effective only after payment of the fee. The fee can be paid by credit card, bank check, or through the municipal website. Enforcement actions will be taken against those with unlicensed signage; the municipality may take measures to remove the sign, and in extreme cases the violation may involve a criminal penalty.


The application should include:

  • Photo of the building façade.
  • Detailed plan for the size, location on the building, type, shape, and materials of the sign requested.
  • Liability insurance against claims for third party.
  • Form for request to install sign.
  • For billboards or signs that are larger than two square meters, attach to the application the simulation and location in relation to the building and details of the frame on which the sign will be placed including technical specifications.
  • For billboards, banners and rooftops signs, please include a simulation and an engineer’s certificate detailing the reinforcement for the structure, as well as the engineer’s undertaking.
  • For signs less than two square meters, include a commitment to ensure stability of the sign.
  • For signs on scaffoldings, or building site perimeters, include a valid building permit, details of the fence, consent of the owners, engineering undertaking of stability, and timing of the sign placement.
  • For signs made of fabric or mesh for building walls, include engineering approval and details for stability, and any other documents evidencing expertise and warranty.
  • For signs in a common office building, include a list of owners in the building with external signs and approvals, description of the other signs and photographs of anticipated placement of the sign.
  • For electronic signs and three-dimensional signs, include a statement from the engineer, warranty, insurance company information, and a simulation of the sign.

Conditions For Obtaining A Signage License

If the license for signage has been approved, the applicant will receive information regarding the conditions and the details of the signs with approved dimensions, as well as the fee amounts. The license shall be effective only after payment of the fee and the requested sign will be installed only after the removal of existing signs, including the removal of boxes of lighting, electrical connection fittings and accessories.

License Validity

Validity of the permit shall expire on December 31 of the year in which it was issued, unless the license includes a different date. Under certain conditions, such as request by the municipality to remove the sign, or depending on the date of the license issuance, the fee may not be required for the entire year.


The city may request to move or remove a sign. If the request is not followed, the city may be permitted to remove the sign itself.

Design Guidelines

  • Signs will be designed by a professional and will be made from materials resistant to weather damage.
  • The proposed sign should correspond to the nature of the signs on the building on which it is located, and the other bordering buildings, in terms of location, height, shape, size, material, illumination, the form of letters, writing, color and any other visual examination.
  • The sign should be designed and positioned according to the committee’s satisfaction, and match the architectural character of buildings and the environment.
  • The sign should not be placed in a way that interferes with users, other businesses, passers-by or neighbors.
  • Sign licensee must maintain the sign and if it is not maintained, it must dismantle it immediately. The Municipality is entitled to dismantle a sign that is not maintained properly.
  • Illuminated signs must be equipped with circuit breakers, and the system that supplies electricity to the sign should be hidden and safety protected. Any lighting system must pass a qualified electrician's inspection.

Prohibited Signs

  • A sign promoting something prohibited or against the law.
  • The sign violates the committee regulations.
  • The sign advertises a business or office that is not legally licensed or is contrary to the planning and building laws.
  • Signs which may cause danger to pedestrians or any sign that may be a safety hazard or traffic hazard.
  • Signs which may be a nuisance to residents, traffic or the environment (lighting, noise, etc.).
  • A sign which blocks doors, windows or fire escape, which is installed on a fire escape, the sewage pipes, light poles, the antennae, the pages of sirens, air conditioning facilities, the sockets or other place that prevents access to the area needed for escape or fire.
  • Signs in public areas, including pavement and railings, unless with special permission.
  • A sign on a parked vehicle or carried by a person or animal, unless with special permission.
  • A sign which violates the aesthetic appearance of a building, particularly preserved buildings.
  • Signs between floors in the building, unless by special permit.
    Commercial signs on a public building.
  • A sign that is not fixed properly, including banners, ribbons, flags, a sign swinging in some way by the wind.
  • A sign that is not at least ½ in Hebrew.


For the license fees and payments [in Hebrew], click here​.
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