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Tel Aviv believes in the success of its brightest minds. The government and municipality help to encourage initiatives created by entrepreneurs and startups from all over Tel Aviv. Below, one can find a multitude of resources offered to our startup ecosystem from working spaces to tax incentives. More detailed information regarding the specific incentive programs can be obtained here.


Personal Consulting Service

For any questions or inquiries please contact our professional support managers who will be happy to assist you with planning the best dates for your trip to Tel Aviv, the best place to stay and any information regarding relocation or starting up in Tel Aviv.

Contact: Tel Aviv Global Economic Development department 


The Library Co-Working Space

The Library is a co-working space for the Tel Aviv startup community, located in Tel Aviv's attractive business district at the epicenter of the city's startup ecosystem. The Library takes a library's traditional values of knowledge, education and curiosity, and infuses them with technology, innovation and start-up energy. It provides a co-working space and facilities for teams dedicated to developing Internet startups and technology companies. In addition, The Library hosts networking events, Meetups, and professional infrastructure for young technological visionaries.


Atidim 7 Co-Working Space

The Atidim Center for Technological Entrepreneurship is a new co-working space for 30 entrepreneurs in the North of Tel Aviv. It offers early stage startups, who haven't yet raised funds, a large open space and several closed "incubators" combined with conference rooms, a lounge area and kitchen, as well as basic consulting services from Kiryat Atidim High Tech Park's mentors and support from the 100 companies with offices at the High Tech Park. The center was founded by Tel Aviv-Yafo's Municipality - Young Adults Department and the Tel-Aviv Global City & Tourism initiative, together with the Atidim company and Tel Aviv University. Together, The Library and the new Atidim 7 serve Tel Aviv's ever-growing startup ecosystem, offering 24/7 office space for a pre-determined period of time.
Address: Dvora Hanevi'a 7, Kiryat Atidim (Building #7, 3rd Floor)
Website: Atidim 7


Municipal Tax Software Development Rate

In order to encourage nascent software development startups within Tel Aviv, the Municipality provides a municipal tax classification which provides a rate up to 66% less than the rate for offices, services and commerce.
Contact: Global City Team


The Tel Aviv Business Welcome Package

This welcome package is geared towards foreign entrepreneurs and companies looking to relocate their offices and/or expand their business activities in Tel Aviv. It provides a unique opportunity to test your new business location at an affordable introductory rate.


Test Tel Aviv for three months for a one-time fee starting at $300. We’ll provide you with the following for the entire three month period:


Co-working Office space
Assistance in finding accommodation
Subscription to the Tel-O-Fun city bike
Support in connecting to the local ecosystem
Contact the Economic Development

Government Technological Incubators

The Technological Incubators Program was established in 1991 and is administrated by the Office of the Chief Scientist (OCS) of the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor.


The primary goal of the program is to transform innovative technological ideas, that are too risky and in too early stage for private investments, into viable startup companies that after the incubator term are capable of raising money from the private sector and operate on their own.


Secondary goals of the program are as follows:
Promote R&D activity in peripheral and minority areas.
Create investment opportunities for the private sector, including venture capitalists.
Transfer technologies from research institutes and implement them in the industry.
Create an entrepreneurship culture in Israel.


For a period of up to two years (Biotech and Cleantech projects up to three years), the program provides entrepreneurs, whose projects were approved by the Incubators Committee, with R&D and marketing grants, infrastructure, technological & business guidance, legal & regulatory advice, and administrative assistance. The program is subject to the R&D law with regards to manufacturing, royalties and know-how rights.


TNUFA National Pre-Seed Fund

TNUFA is a national pre-seed fund. It assists individual inventors and nascent start-up companies during the earliest stages of their projects. This includes evaluation of the technological and commercial potential of a project, filing for a patent, building a prototype, drafting a business plan, and initial business development. Grants of up to 85 percent of approved expenses are available to a maximum of approx. USD 65,000 per project.


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